Quick Command trick

  • The problem:
    I have problem with Quick Command for a long time. It will hang Vivaldi if I have more that 1000+ bookmarks (not yet count with many tabs). Sometime it will just hang with CPU spike to around 80%, but most of time no movement at all.
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    The trick:
    I accidentally find out (just this morning) as long I start with alphabet character, it absolutely will hang my Vivaldi. But... if you start with non alphabet such as numeric Quick Command will work as suppose to be.

    !vivaldi or
    @vivaldi or
    1vivaldi or

    Just delete the first character after you finish inputting your search term.

    I tested this multiple times, and the result seem consistent.
    At least it a good work around for me until it officially handled.

    Vivaldi 1.6.689.46 64bit
    Vivaldi 1.7.721.3 64bit
    Linux/Debian 64bit|32bit sid


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