Vivaldi for some time eats up all RAM!!!

  • As above: for about few weeks Vivaldi poorly manages PC's RAM space. When I open more than 10 tabs and work with them for a while Vivaldi stucks and Windows shows info that Ram space is low. I was enduring it, since 1st I was hoping for quick fix, 2nd After its crush and relunch it was ok for another while. But today whole Windows stucks & becomes unuseable.
    Vivaldi opens up few instances of himself. Why?
    Can I fix it?
    Can you fix it?

    I just love Vivaldi. it's my no 1 since alfa. PLS help me.

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    @Qbi-Wan: Chromium is the code base of Vivaldi, so like Chrome, Vivaldi has a separate process for each tab, helper and extension.

    In your case, what happens if you refresh your profile?

  • Hi, every Tab start own process, every extension too.
    All Chrom(ium) based browser work so, only modern browser work different is Firefox,
    Not much we can do, except more RAM.

    Cheers, mib

  • So, basically you want to say that 10 active tabs eats 8 GB OF RAM while few months ago 40 tabs was no challenge to Vivaldi... RLY?

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    @Qbi-Wan: No. What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • Actually I did not try refreshing my profile ;P Now I did, and it works for now, thanks :)

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