[Bug] Editing the address in the address bar redirects to search results.

  • If you are at some site for example microsoft.com/blah/blah and you edit the address to remove the blah/blah it redirects you to the search (DuckDuckGo) searching for microsoft.com instead of stepping up the site tree.

    Since I am doing some web development, if I wish to access a page that is not linked this is very frustrating.

  • This seems like a stupid question but how do you edit the address?

    I tried to reproduce this - using your microsoft link - even with different settings for the addressbar (show full url on/off; search suggestions on/off) but couldn't get your result neither for:

    • clicking in the urlbar and double click the "wrong" words and delete them via backspace
    • nor via clicking in the urlbar once and a second time behind the last word and deleting them via backspace
    • nor via "Ctrl+L" to set the focus to the urlbar and than deleting them via backspace

    After deleting /blah/blah and hitting enter afterwards I always got redirected to microsoft.com/de-de (because of german keyboard layout I guess) and that's it.

    Did I do anything different to your way of erasing those words?

    Tested this with win 7 32bit on viv 1.7.721.3 32bit

    (btw is there a different way to erase words in urlbar??)

  • This particular bug appears to have been fixed. I substituted microsoft as an example, but the bug seemed to have been only limited to intranet sites which do not have a TLD and I can't effectively post a link to my intranet site.

    Due to a still unfixed bug in onunload I am prevented from using Vivaldi regularly, but it updated today to 1.7 so I decided to check on the bugs I have to deal with.

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