Constantly freezing!

  • Windows 10 x64
    No extensions, clean install, after full uninstallation + registry clean + \AppData\Local clean (Chromium and Google folders).
    It just freezes all the time and I have to reopen the browser!
    Really annoying!
    On both stable and beta versions!
    Please help!

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    @gassity - Tell us about your hardware, and what sort of pages you are experiencing this on.

  • @Ayespy core i3, 10gb ram, 8800gts.
    Have never experienced these, it just started a couple of days ago.
    Happens mostly on youtube and twitch, I mean anything related to video

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    @gassity - Did your GeForce driver update? I know NVidia is updating them all the time...

  • I had a similar problem. At random the browser wouldn't open any more webpages. Only a few tabs open. Sometimes just one.

    I would have to exit browser sometimes I would have to manually kill running processes. One would never stop unless I logged out then back in. This went on for multiple vivaldi versions both 64 and 32 bit version, snatpshot and stable. Had stable installed as root for all users and a few snapshots standalone in different folders.

    Beginning of year I did a complete factory restore of computer (Win10) and after reinstalling everything so far the problem has not returned.

    I am not sure if it was the full clean reinstall or the fact I only have Vivaldi 64bit installed as root for all users. I don't have any standalone snapshots installed, that might corrupt the main user data. I know slimjet would still mess around with the users/appdata folders even with standalone version.

  • @Ayespy said in Constantly freezing!:

    @gassity - Did your GeForce driver update? I know NVidia is updating them all the time...

    sure, I'm an update fan, so there's everything and always updated on my machine

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    @gassity - In that case, do you still get the freezing with hardware acceleration turned off?

  • @Ayespy how do I do this?

    found it. Seems good now. Why I don't need hardware acceleration tho?

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    @gassity said in Constantly freezing!:

    Why I don't need hardware acceleration tho?

    Sometimes driver and/or GPU problems happen with hardware accleleration, so you have to disable to get video working.
    Most video work without such acceleration. And if you don't watch many videos at a time, that will not disturb you ... i hope.


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