Remove the scroll bar

  • I propose to make an option in browser settings, allowing to remove the scroll bar.
    It used to be an extension of type «No sсroll bars please», but recently it was removed from the Chrome store. Although a scroll bar does not take up much space, but she always catches the eyes, and I would like to see the «whole picture». The scroll bar even from an aesthetic point of view of all the spoils. And people can be different reasons why you need to remove the scroll bar. I for example, rented a video screen and a scroll bar is very undesirable. Now I use scripts, but they slow down browser.
    Moreover, none of the browser based on Chromium is no such function. Vivaldi this would be the first. "A million ways to configure everything" - 1.000.001 way to configure it.

    (Translated via Google from Russian)

  • Hi, when you use the stylish extension you can get rid of the scrollbar ( please note that stylish is collection user data and maybe sell them ) .
    How you do this you can see in this posting

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