Deleting Bookmarks

  • Would appreciate instructions to delete bookmarks from the Boobmarks bar.

  • @watchbird -- Really, Boobmarks? Assuming you're asking seriously not facetiously, i could suggest any of these [assuming you're using the current or recent V version]:

    1. Right-click on the offending bookmark icon, click "Delete" in the resultant context menu.
    2. Do ditto, but in the Bookmarks Panel.
    3. Do ditto, but in the Bookmarks Manager [see Speed Dial].

  • Moderator

    @watchbird - right-click, select "delete" from the context menu UNLESS it's in a folder, in which case, the fact that coding for the bookmarks bar is incomplete will stymie you. I that case, you must delete from the bookmarks panel or the bookmarks manager.

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