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  • A configurable VPN within Vivaldi would be cool. I understand that Opera and others are about to add a in built VPN solution. Opera's inbuilt VPN solution is more a Proxy Server.

    I am thinking of full configurable VPN solution. Over the last few years I have been using Strong VPN. A great product / solution. The pain is just to connect, disconnect or change port. I can see this as a configurable setting within Vivaldi, since configurable you are not tied up to one provider.

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    Many wishes for builtin VPN or TOR are reported by users.
    But it has low priority as i know.

  • @Mogle Opera added it months ago, and I'm not aware of plans for any other browser to add one, but don't forget that Opera bought a VPN company, SurfEasy, enabling them to do this.

    Who else is going to do that? In other words, don't hold your breath and maybe just use Opera when you need a VPN. That's what I do, but Vivaldi is still my main browser.

  • Based on pages like;
    Opera "VPN" is just proxy. So, call it that "Opera add VPN" is a big quetion.
    More less that's like Opera infamous Turbo Mode which also actually a proxy.

    Search "opera vpn is proxy" about it.

    I doubt we could get "Real VPN" without cost.
    TOR the other hand while could be cheaper, it brought a baggage different problems.

  • @dLeon Yes, but it's effectively the same thing as a "real" VPN as far as the browser is concerned. Of course, if you're torrenting or using other apps, you need something more, but a lot happens in the browser alone these days, and for that, it's perfect.

  • @dLeon

    I am not asking for a real VPN for free. Over the years I have used a few different VPN solutions, all of the require some sort of client and or config configuration. What I am suggesting is, these settings is hold within the setting of the browser. It should be possible to do this without committing you to a specific VPN provider.

    I have seen that a few anti-virus providers are thinking of adding different VPN tools within their offering. Currently I think all of them are more or less different proxy settings.

    I predict that real VPN settings shortly will be available from the browser settings or / and from your ant-virus protection provider.

  • @Mogle
    Fix me if I'm wrong.
    But, isn't VPN client work as network barrier for whole system? And not as per application like TOR, socks or proxy.
    In theory, it could work for anti-virus product, because anti-virus background services work for whole system.

  • IMHO VPN and similar things are best left to purpose-built programs - trying to cram everything into a browser will just result in half-assed solutions that are unlikely to be as secure.

  • @dLeon Valid point. Thanks, I changed my mind.


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