Gray hibernating icons aren't distinct enough

  • Re: How to disable the graying of non-active tabs' thumbnails?

    Currently this is a big annoyance to me. Gray icons on the tabs greatly reduce recognizability. I need to see the original colors even if the tabs are hibernating. Until I saw these gray icons, I hadn't realized how much I rely on colors to distinguish one icon from another.

    I wish the hibernation state is expressed by another means.

    I know there is a workaround posted in the linked thread, but an official option in some form would be much more user friendly.

  • Yes. Maybe they could have the engraved look, or the look of window controls that are in the disabled state.

  • +100 I deal with a bunch of websites that have a monochrome favicon by default. Greying out the icon makes absolutely no difference. I was so excited when I read the changelog hoping the background of the tab would be greyed out. The bug title - "Make option for graying/shading hibernated tabs" is much closer to what's needed than what's been implemented so far...

    And please, if you do introduce changing the colour of the tab, make this kind of thing a colour picker in the settings panel. Don't make us mess with custom.css again...

  • Moderator

    In the latest Snapshot there is an option to "Grayscale Icon When Hibernated" but when turned off, it doesn't really work as expected yet. The icons become grayed out, but they revert to their original colors when hovered - and they stay that way later on. I guess this feature still requires some improvement, but you can always report this to the bug tracker.

  • @pafflick
    On my Vivaldi, if that option is untick the icon of hibernate tab back to original colors after split milliseconds. Exactly like @ryofurue ask I believed.

    And about back to original colors when hovered, I don't have that problem. The colors become gray again as I leave the area.

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    @dLeon They do become grayed-out again when not hovered over, but only when the "Grayscale Icon When Hibernated" option is checked. Otherwise, they behave as described - at least on Windows.

  • @pafflick
    I see.
    Another Windows vs Vivaldi UI.


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