Delete cookies on quit & white-list cookies (and other data)

  • Re: Feature requests for 1.7

    I am concerned about tracking, but want to retain the comfort of Vivaldi.


    • A setting "Accept all cookies, but delete all cookies on quit" (or end of session, to be discussed).

    As there are some cookies I like to keep (e.g. permanent shopping carts on some pages), I suggest to change the "Site info" (icon left to the URL) dialog in the following way:

    • Add an option to mark cookies as "persistant" (or call it "keep" or "permanent" or "do-not-delete-on-quit").
      Please note that this is not identical to the "blocked" vs. "accepted" setting, as I like to generally accept all cookies (as they are deleted when I quit).

    Plus - and here comes the tricky part - both points should not only apply to cookies, but also to

    • App cache
    • Local storage
    • Plugin data

    to the extend sensible (e.g. when referring to the same site). This is because tracking is not only done via cookies but also the methods above, so they have to be handled in the same go.


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