Opened tabs next to addres bar.

  • Hello.
    Can you make option to put opened tabs next to address bar like in IE11? I asked about it on twitter.
    Thanks to that we will delete one bar and have more space for sites content.
    So there will be only:
    buttons (vivaldi/back/forward/refresh/main site), ADRESS BAR, OPENED TABS, min/max/close buttons
    Favourite sites bar.

    You can ckeck my visualisation in attachment.
    And I'm still waiting for e-mail client builded to this web browser.!

    0_1484121447913_vivaldi ui.png

  • Moderator

    @smallboobslover - I'm confident email will be along in the first half of this year. As to the "single bar" implementation, this would be relatively horrible for people who open 50+ tabs at once, but there will be many more configuration options coming down the pike, so keep your eyes peeled for developments.

  • @Ayespy
    who opens so many tabs? Actually they can always turn off this feature. I really miss this thing :/
    Second thing is a 'ONE-copy' for address and picture. This is so old and generally stupid that you must choose to copy image or address, but I will make a post later.

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    @smallboobslover Check the Modifications forum. There is at least one such modification here.

  • Moderator

    @smallboobslover - I think the most tabs I've had open at once was 33 or 34, while doing a complex research project with a lot of cross-referencing and back-and-forth, but there are people who, to my amazement, run around 100 on a fairly consistent basis. That strikes me as crazy, but it's not for me to judge.

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