How to remove the main vertical scrollbar ?

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to migrate from FF+pentadactyl and I'm currently trying to remove as much of the interface as I can (i want to keep only the tab bar on the bottom). I've managed to remove everything except for the main vertical scrollbar.

    Is it possible to remove it ?

    I've tried:

    #browser ::-webkit-scrollbar{display:none !important; width:0px;}
    #browser ::-webkit-scrollbar-button,::-webkit-scrollbar-track{display:none !important;}
    #browser ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{display: none !important;}
    #browser ::-webkit-scrollbar-track{display: none !important;}

    (and without #browser too)

    in my custom.css file, but it didn't do anything.


  • Mmh, I can't tell if there is a possibility to implement what you want but what about surfing in full window mode in the meantime and use "F2" to enter url's ?
    To scroll through your tabs by "ctrl+tab" activate "Show Tabcycler" in vivaldi://settings/tabs/ or to step through your tabs in a given order by using numeric keys "1-4" you can activate "Single Key Shortcuts" in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/

    I am afraid that this is a close as it gets at the moment and the other downside is that you can't access your tabbar directly.

  • @zaibon Thanks for your reply. That's an idea, but I'm looking for a solution that I could use all day long and I'd rather not spend the day in full screen mode. I'm using the tabs a lot, so I need access to them. I'll stick with FF/Penta for the time being I think.

  • Your stylesheets (without #browser) does work for me with Stylish extension.

    ::-webkit-scrollbar{display:none !important; width:0px;}
    ::-webkit-scrollbar-button,::-webkit-scrollbar-track{display:none !important;}
    ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{display: none !important;}
    ::-webkit-scrollbar-track{display: none !important;}

    Point them to "URL starting with" http:// & https://

    My former linked image to dropbox doesn't work.
    Vivaldi stable no scroll bar

  • Wow!

    You're right, they are working perfectly inside Stylish 🙂


  • You might enjoy the overlay scroll feature in vivaldi://flags.


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