Wrong window popping up from external links

  • I've been having this issue for a while but until now I hadn't figured out the specifics and was having trouble reproducing it, but I've finally worked it out.

    Start by opening two windows.
    Minimise the first.
    Go from Vivaldi window 2 to Thunderbird (or any other program that contains web links).
    Click a link.
    The linked page will open in Vivaldi Window 2 (because that's the window you were last using) but Vivaldi window 1 will be un-minimised, brought to the top and given focus.

    So you end up looking at the wrong window while your page loads in the background. This issue is compounded if you click another link immediately, because the second link you click will now open in window 1 since it had focus most recently, making it impossible to quickly load several links in window 2 without switching back to it each time.

  • @Tiggum
    What window manager are you using?
    Don't see it here with compiz but does appear to be the case in my xfce session using xfwm4.
    Easiest solution may be not to minimise the first window but just leave it sitting behind the second.

  • Doesn't actually matter whether the first window's minimised or not, it's just easier to set it up to see the result that way. I don't know what a window manager is.

  • @Tiggum
    I'm surprised you're using Linux and don't know what a window manager is.
    A window manager controls the appearance and placement of windows when using a graphical user interface.
    What your seeing seems to be governed by the window manager your using.
    In Ubuntu which uses compiz as the window manager I don't see your problem.
    In an xfce session which uses xfwm4 as the window manager I do see it.

    So the question is what Linux distribution you are using?

  • Linux Mint 17 'Qiana' MATE 64-bit. I use it specifically because I don't need to know how anything works and it's less hassle than Windows.

  • Moderator

    @Tiggum That is a known and reported bug (same on Windows).

  • When I have some tabs open it can happen while opening a new link (external from Vivaldi) all tabs except the last one are gone. That is in Vivaldi > 1.5.
    I now use Vivaldi 1.5 for as long as this problem happens (some months now). That's working fine.

    I don't know what it is??

  • @rijnsma

    1. I don't think your question related to this thread topic. I suggest open New Topic.
    2. But before you do open New Topic. Consider to test at least latest Vivaldi stable 1.7. Or even latest Snapshot 1.8. To see it still happen.

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