how to access content blocker

  • is there any way to access the content blocker in any way other than having the status bar (I keep the status bar turned off to make more space)?

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    @sahands - The security badge at the left end of the address bar gives you access to it.

  • you mean the javascript one?

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    @sahands - the one embedded in Chromium. Badge/Site Settings/pop-ups/manage exceptions.

  • correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that for content settings?
    I'm looking for the content blocker:
    alt text

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    @sahands - no, it's not. It's for page actions on the current page, one-time only. It does not access any persistent settings.

    To make a persistent setting for a page or domain, you must (for now, until Vivaldi's own function is fully coded and ready) go to chrome://settings/content .

  • one last question, where do I go to see the list of sites that I've enabled content blocker on (individual sites)?

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    @sahands: I don't mess with these settings. Is there no list under the "Exceptions" button?

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    List on RAM. Page Actions Content Blocker only work on current page on the tab you set it, as ayespy described. As long you not Refresh or close the tab it will stick that way. So, the only way to see the settings; revisit the tab & check the Page Actions.

    All of the actions are really only momentarily settings.

  • @dLeon
    so it's only temporary!? well that makes it kinda useless! thanks for the info.

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    @sahands I don't think it's temporary if you do it through the internal Chrome interface - only if you do it via Page Actions.

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    What Content blocker in Page Actions actually "do" anyway?
    I test it in random pages but I fail to see any difference.
    I also can't find any info about it.
    There's un-answered thread;

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    @dLeon - Blocks some ads. For instance, on, it appears to block about half of them. Have no idea what criteria it uses. Needs some love, for sure.

  • It is very very simple adblock. If you know some css you can check the code of Content_blocker.css , it is short and easy to understand.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I see.
    Content_blocker.css, I don't expect this one coming. Old style CSS blocker. I miss this file when checking Vivaldi package contents. :laughing:

    Seem blocking some designated iframe & image size. No wonder I never "get" it in action. I almost never visit place with too many "eyecandy".

    Thanks, Ayespy & greenenemy.

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