Create an search engine plugin?

  • I'm so fed up with DuckDuckGo and don't want to use Google, Bing and co. either. Is there someone willing to create a small search engine with Startpage. I don't know what must be included in this string. o.O
    If the language needs to be specified, please use DE for German rather than EN for English, please.
    Creating a search engine plugin via the website does not work. It works for Firefox and Chrome, but not Vivaldi.

    I'd be grateful if someone would be willing to create a string, which I could copy and paste into a new search engine plugin.

  • It seems to work for me. I just followed the instructions on their home page and added a search engine to Vivaldi.


    This is the result of a search for "Vivaldi"

  • It worked for from a source which I copy and past, not this crap which I had to type manually risking typos. But thanks.

  • It's perfectly copiable from the link it was provided to you, "Add to Vivaldi".

  • @BernardKay I created my search engine by copying the URL from the popup on the page.

    0_1484035802288_Start Page Search.png

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