Posts in Home>Lounge>Technology>Design are mostly off-topic (at least according to my understanding of the intended topic)

  • Most of the posts in Home>Lounge>Technology>Design area are people's suggestions, questions, and comments about the Vivaldi Browser, which of course would more logically go in some subcategory of Home>Vivaldi Browser. There are also a few posts commenting on the site's functionality or asthetics, which ideally would be filed somewhere in the Home>Vivaldi Community>Vivaldi Forum Feedback subcategory.

    Perhaps a sticky post should be put at the top of the Design subcategory saying that it's for general discussion of technology design not specifically related to Vivaldi. (After all; it's under "Lounge".)

    Unfortunately, a sticky post would not be seen by people who, when making a new post, settle on where to put it not by first looking in a category, seeing what's already posted there, and then composing, but instead by composing a post topic elsewhere in the forum and then selecting a category from the drop-down above the turquoise Submit button (without noticing that in the indented hierarchy of the dropdown, "Design" falls in neither the "Vivaldi Browser" nor "Vivaldi Forum Feedback" sections). Perhaps the subcategory should itself be renamed something more explicit like "General Web/Software Design Talk and Tips (not about Vivaldi)"?

    Or maybe the subcategory should just be removed and the posts moved to more appropriate categories, because, unless I overlooked something, over nearly 3 years, only 4 reasonably on-topic threads (in that they relate to non-Vivaldi design matters) have been posted to the subcategory, specifically :

    The approximately 40 other threads (or "topics", as they're now labeled, under nodeBB) are the feature requests/feedback/questions regarding the browser or this website. If "Design" is removed as a subcategory, the 4 on-topic topics could be shifted up to "Technology", and the 40 others could be moved to the appropriate Vivaldi Browser or feedback categories.

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    I try to move them, thanks for hint.

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    Moving completed. 😓


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