Forum behaviour on mobile device

  • For mobile surfing I use a:

    Sony M5
    Android 6.0
    Opera 41.2.2246
    User agent: Desktop

    This is not really a major bug to me but I noticed that - when I go to - it first started in the mobile version, after a few clicks (this is a bit inconsistent but most time is is about 1-4 clicks on random clickable objects) it changes suddenly to the desktop version of the forum site (which is fine by me as I use a desktop agent anyway) .

    And sometimes (I encountered it about 4 or 5 times in the last two weeks) it suddenly changes back to mobile version just to switch back a few clicks later. ( I think that this might have something to do with the menu that pops up when I press my profile pic / or the 3 dots that work the same way in the mobile version)

    I am always able to reproduce this behaviour after I clear my surf history and surf to
    Note: I don't save any passwords nor do I in any kind of way autologin (If I'd do my guess is that this might prevent this behaviour)

    So all in all no major bug but a bit irritating while visiting the forum with a mobile device.

    Question is: Does this just happen to me because of strange phone/ browser/ user agent - or can somebody else verify that this happens?

    Thanks for reading and testing in advance ^^


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