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    Unfortunately, several Vivaldi-versions later the bookmark management still sucks from my point of view.
    I have several computers with different bookmark files. From time to time I want to use e.g. five bookmarks from PC1 in PC4, too. In Opera, this was no problem: you simply marked the five entries on PC1 and exported them in an adr-file which you imported on PC4.
    In Vivaldi it seems that it is still impossible to export single bookmark entries from one PC to another (exporting the whole bookmark file is no option).
    When do we get such a feature?

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    @lader6 said in Bookmark Management:

    In Opera, this was no problem:

    Yes, and some features from old Opera 12 bookmark export will come in Vivaldi.

    When do we get such a feature?

    When it is ready.


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