Browser opens out of screen

  • Next to Windows reinstall on 2-3 start Vivaldi begin to opens out of screen. Something like that . Win7 Sp1. I look everything in settings of browser, reset window sizes by CCleaner - but no result. So, every time to open browser I:

    1. Open browser.
    2. Don't see it.
    3. Press ctrl+N, new window opens normally
    4. Close window out of screen with previous session by alt+tab and alt+F4.
    5. From history open just closed window. (bormally opens on main screen)
    6. Close window from "3."
      Not very comfortable 🙂 How can I fix it?
      P.s. sorry for my english 😉 and if topic like this was made earlier - I didn't find it.

  • @feell The exact same thing has been happening to me since last week. I have tried reinstalling it to no avail. Any suggestions anyone?

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    Never seen this.

    • Windows Key + Up cursor to maximise the window, or
    • Window Key + Left/Right to dock the window on the left/right
    • Startup from last session. If you last maximised the Vivaldi window there should not be any problem.

    Maybe changing display settings or windows scaling could cause this?

    File a bug report.

  • Try right-clicking a blank area of the Windows taskbar and select "Cascade windows" to move all open windows onto the screen in a cascade format.

    If that doesn't work, try placing your mouse cursor over the program's taskbar icon and pause long enough to get the thumbnail image(s) of the open windows for that program to appear; right click the thumbnail image you want to move and select "Move" from the menu; after the cursor changes to the quad-arrow, left-click-hold the mouse button while dragging the cursor around on the screen until the program's window is dragged on-screen. If the cursor seems to disappear instead of changing, repeatedly hit an arrow key (usually Left is most likely to work, but if not, try each of them in turn) and bring the cursor and window back on-screen that way.

    Sometimes this problem occurs if the application and/or OS incorrectly decides a dual-monitor setup is being used or is specified somehow.

  • @Pesala It's a miracle!) Next to Win+Up browser maximazed normally. And till now all next restarts happends normally. Still not reboot pc, but anyway it works! Thanks!

  • @Blackbird , thanks! I didn't try yet - next to Pesala's tip it seems problem resolved. But anyway thanks, next to 6 years of using Win7 I found "maximize", "move", etc. buttons!)))

  • @rgblanco , Pesala's tip helps to me)

  • I do have the same issue, since couple of days. Win10 with a single monitor setup, no dual screen here. The Win+left/up doesn't work for me. Neither the cascading options from the taskbar. 😞

  • Same here with dual monitor system. Vivaldi loves to open anywhere on the bigger screen (external monitor) using aspect ration (and position???) from the smaller screen (notebook). Additionally the mouseover window hovering the favicon is only partially visible. Can you center this please on the screen?


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