is there something wrong with replies?

  • quite frequently I see replies to topics which are sitting out there as topics on their own, and so to find out what they are talking about I have to scroll back (sometimes multiple pages) to get to the original post. the only indication that it's a reply is that the original poster's user name is indicated at the top of the post. some of these are from people who've been on the forum for a while (I think) so it almost seems that there's something wrong with the "reply" function. maybe I'm wrong and they're just doing "reply as new topic" by mistake but either way, it makes the forum a bit of a mess.

    while I'm on this - is there any reason to post replies both as the indented reply and as a topic in the stream? that seems the default and again it makes things a bit messy.

  • @aach1
    If someone reply to a post, you don't need to scroll back to search.

    You see something like <-@[name] on right sight of timer? If you click that you'll be send to the post.

  • About double list it self. That's not such a mess I believe. We're just not used to.

  • @dLeon ha. thanks, for some reason I never got round to trying that. i think even armed with this knowledge I am going to find the way this is laid out a big clunky (disembodied posts referring to some earlier post which I may or may not be able to infer what it's about from the reply) but I guess I'll get used to it.

  • @dLeon fair enough. i'll persist and see if I get used to it. as above, it still seems a bit clunky to me.


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