Ability to hide tab bar until hovered over?

  • First off I'd just like to say this is the most fantastic web browser I've ever come across. I love the ability to do practically anything to the browser, make it your own and so on.
    One feature I'd like is the ability to have the tab bar be able to slide in and out dependent on mouse hovering. I enjoy the tab bar on the left or the right, however it gets to be too bulky and I have to keybind "Display/show" tabs in order to really enjoy it.
    This is being really nit picky, but just being able to hover over where the tabs are and that being the way they pop out would make this the #1 browser for me!
    Is there any way to do this currently? If not, then it's my suggestion to make this an even more awesome browser!
    Thank you for you time

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  • Should I post this there? Or is there already an answer for me there?


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