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  • Hi. I'm currently a Waterfox user but after discovering Vivaldi (via issue 31 of Ubuntu User magazine), I was very stunned by how quick the browser is (I'm a very impatient person!). I would like to convert but a couple of things has bugged me from converting fully. One of them is the icons on Bookmark links. In Waterfox/Firefox, I would have to set '' to false to get rid of them. To me they make the menu look messy. How do I remove the Bookmark Icons in Vivaldi?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Vivaldi can't (yet?) unfortunately.

    As per Chromium, no reliable way to do that. All 3rd party extensions able to alter bookmark favicons essentially broken or out right dead project.

    You can track user request on Chromium forums/blogs about this favicons edit as far as 2008. Upstream comment? "Won't fix".

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