Web panel and mouse gesture

  • In panel view, when I try to open link in new tab with mouse gesture (drag down while right mouse button is clicked), Vivaldi opens empty new tab, but when I click right mouse button, and I will choose "Open Link in New Tab" everything work fine. Is this a bug? Have you the same problem?

  • I just added this current page as a web panel, and performed a mouse gesture over the Vivaldi browser for windows link. It opened in a new background tab as expected.

  • I doesn't mean open link in new background tab, but about open link in new tab, and more specifically about mouse gesture: only drag mouse (with right button clicked) down, not down and up.

  • I can confirm that that command only opens a new tab when a mouse gesture is executed in the panel. It does not matter what gesture is assigned to it, the command always opens a new tab. Try my method of opening a background tab.

  • Vivaldi team can fix this issue? :)

  • Just to bump this thread, did this ever get filed as a bug report? I've noticed this is still happening.

    The gestures for "Open link in new tab (over a link)", and for background tab doesn't seem to recognise they're being used over a link when in a panel.

  • @LonM I didn't report this bug :slight_smile:

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