• Anyone still using this awesome technology? Recently I heard in shop that they stopped producing LightScribe discks :( The website is down too. Why are they killing it?

    After upgrading to Windows 10 I tried to install LightScribe drivers. But couldn't. Windows told me it's not compatible. And that's it. It forbid me from installing LightScribe. But I haven't given up. I just unpacked the installation files using some program found on the net. And put everything in its place - call it a manuall installation. And guess what? Everything is working fine without a problem. It's fully compatible with Windows 10. But it really worries me. What if Microsoft decides next that Libre Office is incompatible? Or any other browser than Edge? Or any app not bought from their store? I don't have control of my OS anymore (well, it's been disappearing for some time already, but the future is really grim).

    PS. Or maybe you were fans of LabelFlash? I considered it better than LightScribe but it disappeared really quickly :(

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