Address Auto-Complete?

  • "Un-checked", has the auto-complete feature "ever" worked correctly?

  • Worked for me from the moment I've filled the Suggestion url in the search engine editor.

  • What exactly do you mean by never worked correctly?
    Do you have the option "Always Prefer Bookmarks" activated? There seemed to be a lot of users that were a bit irritated of how their results were interfered by the bookmarks results.

  • Un-checked is "de-activated." I am wrong to assume that if left un-checked my url addresses will not be automatically completed?

  • I think what he means by work correctly - is that it's completely useless.

    For instance, one day I go to this video on youtube: - and forever after whenever I type "you" into the address bar, that whole URL fills in. You don't want to go back to that specific video each and every time you go to youtube! You just want to go to youtube's home page. And you don't want to go to specific inside pages of every site you've ever visited - you want to go to the main homepage when you're typing in a URL - that's why you're typing it in rather than usinb a bookmark!

    SO everytime you go to youtube... you now have to type out "" completely. Yes, you have to type out the whole domain, each and every letter of it - including the .com! Then you have to press the DELETE key to delete the rest of the URL! Auto complete is supposed to make it so you only have to type the first couple of letters of a domain and press enter. But this auto complete not only forces you to type out every last letter of the domain name, but then you have to press the delete key at the end of it to get rid of the old URL you'll never go to again.

    This auto complete actually creates far more work than it saves! If it can't be fixed to default to just the domain name (as it does in every other browser), please tell us how to turn it off!

  • @jonYork
    I don't find it useless.
    If you're frequently typing in a site where this causes you annoyance why not put it in your bookmarks and make use of the "prefer bookmarks" setting.
    I find it quite useful as it saves the extra step of using the down arrow to navigate the popup menu.
    If a site is not in your bookmarks and you want to go to the site domain instead of a sub-directory you can use ctrl+leftclick to click the address before the sub-directory.
    Peek 2017-01-20 10-17.gif

    You can also delete your history. Typed in addresses will be deleted if you use the History link on the speed dial page or vivaldi://history.
    Turn off autocomplete...vivaldi://settings/addressbar/

  • @CantankRus

    you can use ctrl+leftclick to click the address before the sub-directory

    This useful info. I never know that. Thanks.

  • With most browsers, you type "y" and "" gets automatically filled in and just hit enter. So, two keys are all you have to press "y" and "enter".

    With this method, you type in a domain, then you have to lift your hand off the keyboard and put it on the mouse, move your other hand to the shift key and click - instead of just pressing enter. That's a lot more steps than other browsers require. It's very inefficient.

  • Moderator

    @jonYork OR you can bookmark YouTube, assign letter y as its nickname and hit [Y] and then [ENTER] while in the address bar to go to the YouTube's home page EVERY TIME. That's how I organize my bookmarks. I don't care about the address auto-complete at all...


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