import bookmarks from Opera 12.x not working

  • I have been trying unsuccessfully to import bookmarks (and speeddial if possible) from O-64 12.18 standalone into V-64 1.6.689.40 standalone under W7-64.

    I tried File - Import Bookmarks and Settings - select from Opera 12.x - ticked bookmarks and speeddial - Choose a Folder - navigate to profile folder under the standalone installation - Open. It flashes very very briefly "Import in Progress" or something like that. Close. But nothing is imported.
    Also tried File- Import Bookmarks and Settings - Opera Bookmarks File - Choose a File - navigate to bookmarks.adr under the Opera standalone installation - Open - Close. Nothing happens.

    There is no bookmarks password set in Opera 12.18.
    Bookmarks.adr file is 3.5 MB.

    In the previous forum posts on this topic it is suggested to instead export an HTML list from Opera 12 and import that. But I figure that this import from Opera 12.x option exists for a reason.
    Does anyone have other advice on this?

    Thank you.

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    @joss - I think you have to move the folder from the standalone location to the expected install path (C:\Users"USER"\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\Profile or similar) to import everything. I don't think it will do it from a standalone or portable path.

  • If that is the way that it works, then it is misleading for V to have a button "Choose a folder" if the browser does not use the location given. Instead of that button there should be a sentence indicating where the profile folder must be.

    Anyway, I copied the entire profile folder, all 902MB including operaprefs.ini and bookmarks.adr from the standalone location to C:\Users\$user\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\profile. Back in the import dialog box I checked "Use default profile location", to which V responded with "Detected Profile Path:" and that same path.
    When I click "Start Import" it responds with "ERROR" for both bookmarks and speed dial.

  • Furthermore, in the Import Bookmarks and Settings dialog box, I tried directly selecting "Opera Bookmarks File", and then I select the Opera12.18-64 bookmarks.adr file.
    V very briefly flashes "Import in progress" but then nothing is imported.

    Unless it is hiding the imported bookmarks somewhere.


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