Extensions can't affect default "Close Tab Activation" setting

  • I use FireGestures with Firefox and have one gesture (Up) to close the current tab and activate the tab to the left, and one gesture (Down) to close the current tab and activate the tab to right. There are gesture extensions in the Chrome web store that support this, but they don't work correctly in Vivaldi. The default behaviour in Vivaldi's settings is used no matter what's set as the gesture behaviour in the extension.

    I also tried the "SimpleTabOrder" extension, it seems to have no effect when used in Vivaldi.

    Would love to see this fixed! Or does anyone knows a workaround to this? This not working is the only reason I'm still using Firefox, would love to be able to finally make the switch 😉

  • Post your wanted behaviours in feature request as by the different tab handling in Vivaldi, such extensions couldn't work (and this is the case)

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89 - As the Vivaldi UI is a completely different body and family of code, unrelated to the Chromium or Chrome UI, extensions which would manipulate the Chrome UI (as with tabs) would either have no effect on Vivaldi or would break it. To make such an extension work, Vivaldi would have to write a whole new bunch of code to detect and emulate attempts by extensions to manipulate the Chromium UI.


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