Bookmark/Speed Dial Issue

  • Hey all - love Vivaldi browser, such a welcome relief from the sluggishness of Firefox, have been thru several years of Vivaldi updates and fixes without issue....and i can probably tough this one out as well, but i thought i'd check to see if there is a fix:

    any attempt to delete a bookmark or speed dial closes the program. whether i delete from within the bookmark menu, off of the speed dial page, or from the bookmarks toolbar, Vivaldi closes immediately and the entry does not delete. i have worked around this by editing offending bookmark/speed dial entries into other desired bookmark/speed dials, but it would be nice if i could just delete them as needed. This problem has persisted thru the last several updates. Any fix for this?

    side note regarding Speed Dial: Speed Dial thumbnails do not load when Vivaldi is opened. i have gotten in the habit of refreshing the entire Speed Dial page when i open Vivaldi, which then populates the thumbnails for that there anything i might do about that as well?

    otherwise, great very pleased to have sidelined FireFox for good. Thanks!

  • It's a known bug if you have "Top Sites" file set as read only. Eventually check your permissions in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

  • that fixed it - awesome! thanks so much. any suggestions on how to get my Speed Dial thumbnails to load by themselves? thanks again!

  • They should appear as expected. If nothing works try deleting the top sites file and let them rebuild, then close Vivaldi and reopen.


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