Forum upgrade...

  • So the servers were down for a few hours, as promised, and we were told it was because something "really cool" was coming.

    My guess: synchronisation is going to happen soon!

    Anyone else know any better? Have any guesses?

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    @mossman - It's not sync.

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    So far I haven't noticed anything new, besides the fact that the database has been rolled back to an "outdated" state, resulting in some posts / votes / notifications status vanishing or changing... 🤔

  • The "upgrade" didn't work out, there were unforeseen showstoppers, so we had to roll back a couple of hours. It was supposed to be a fairly big step towards moving away from our old Joomla site, migrating the teamblog to wordpress and its comments to forum threads, and linking those together with an API. We (the webdevs) will be focusing on fixing those issues next week and trying again soon afterwards.

  • D'oh! :(

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