Enable migration of chrome://predictors/ into Vivaldi

  • I've used Chrome so long I feel it knows me. I can type one or two letters and it will correctly guess the URL I intended to visit and pre-populate the address bar because it knows my browsing patterns and has built up a prediction model.

    I tried switching to Vivaldi and all the extra features are amazing but the most critical part of a browser is navigating to a site and having to type out all the URLs and go through the learning period is a barrier to entry. It feels like I have to take a step back an invest time in order to get back to what I want and this disconnect with the browser makes it feel slower from UX perspective. I think it could easily be fixed since the data is available from Chrome it would be really nice if I could import it into Vivaldi and then have friction free transition.

    Also, it would be cool if this was something that was automatic on install so less advanced users don't even have to worry about manually importing this information.


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