I Can't sign in my Google account

  • I can't sign in in my Google Account. I wrote my password and pressed Enter button. Then browser tab was restarted with this link in the adress bar: "vivaldi://chrome-signin?access_point=6&reason=0" and this tab doesn't load. And It doesn't sign in in my account. I don't know what should I do with this proplem. I hope you will undestand what I wrote. If you don't undestand my message text me about it and I will try to explain better

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    @AgFar - Google login works fine here. Do you have any extension or 3rd party software that could block this?

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Thanks, I logged in my account with this way. But google keep extension ask me to log in too and when I try, there is the address I write about in the address bar:
    And the tab doesn't load

  • @Ayespy
    I haven't

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    Google signin is not allowed in Vivaldi yet.
    Why? That would cause unwanted syncing data to Google. And Sync of Vivaldi data is not implemented yet.

  • @AgFar I have been experiencing this exact same phenomena. I generally have been using Chrome browser til now, but like Vivaldi's offerings and have been on occasion logging into Vivaldi in parrallel with, or in lieu of Chrome browser. The very first tab page I see each and every time is a sign in screen for my Google account. This is in spite of the fact I am already signed into my Google account in the Chrome browser. It's annoying. I get a blank screen and nothing changes in the URL field. Consequently, none of my bookmarks (many) under Chrome show up in Vivaldi. And yet, I can access my Gmail, Google Calender, etc., as pinned tabs. Any way to fix this? The problem is a recurring irritant every time I launch Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Revision fce2113643dbabe51ad6825c974c40dbfbaed139

    Chrome  Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)****

    Yes, I have many Google Chrome extensions and apps installed (In Chrome). Not all of the same but some are installed in Vivaldi as well.


  • @tokyojerry As an addition to my comment above, I just read Moderator comments to Gwen-Dragon

    "Google signin is not allowed in Vivaldi yet.
    Why? That would cause unwanted syncing data to Google. And Sync of Vivaldi data is not implemented yet."

    If this truly is the reason, then that explains the cause of the problem.

    Prevent the sign up tab then from automatically popping up each time I launch Vivaldi. Even if I close that tab, I can still access my pinned Gmail Google Calendar tabs. However, my bookmarks from Google Chrome don't sync. I reckon for reason of the moderator explanation above...

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    @tokyojerry: Never seen that tab. How do you get it to pop up?

  • @Ayespy Hi. I am not really 'getting it to pop-up' per se. It happens automatically whenever I launch Vivaldi.

  • @tokyojerry Oh, I should add that I am using MacOS Sierra v10.12.3 as the operating environment. I notice you are on Windows 10 X64 AMD. I have Intel Skull Canyon as well (which I will gradually changeover to as I increasingly become irritated by Apple policy going forward) but for now, I am using MacOS Sierra environment, latest. Cheers.

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    @tokyojerry: In other words, you have your Google account as your home page, or a primary tab. Well, don't do that. Close the Google account page or pick a different home page.

  • No matter what I do, my default opening tab =

    0_1485422765604_vivaldi home page.jpg

    I've tried...
    Last Session (with no homepage specification)
    Homepage with specification (as per image)

    I've even used https://www.vivaldi.com as Start Page.
    The default opening tab goes to: vivaldi://chrome-signin?access_point=6&reason=0

    Not sure what you mean by having Google set as a 'primary tab'. Meaning, a pinned tab? I have Google's Gmail and Calendar both set as pinned tabs.

    I will try Specific Pages as one final attempt.

  • Hi. Me again. I just tried the last option which is to add specific pages to open.

    0_1485423671021_Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 18.39.34.jpg

    But this too is to no avail. I am presented with the initial screen I provided asking me each time to login to my Google account.

  • @tokyojerry
    Google want you to re-login on all their own different places for "security measures".
    Google Sync? please login.
    Gogle Mail? please login.
    Google Drive? please login.
    Youtube? please login.
    Change your preference? login away please.

    One of your extensions may keep asking for Google Sync access, hence that address on picture. And as mentioned, Google Sync not available in Vivaldi (yet).
    vivaldi://chrome-signin... or chrome://chrome-signin... will not work.

    As far as I know, Chrome (any) Google extensions/apps want you to keep Chrome browser/OS sync on, even when you didn't ask them to do anything.

  • Thanks for that feedback. So, how do I change setting for 'login away please' in preferences?

    @dLeon said in I Can't sign in my Google account:

    Change your preference? login away please.

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    @tokyojerry I think it's one of the extension's fault that you're presented with the Google sign-in page each time you open the browser. Try to disable the extensions related to Google account (all at once or one by one) to determine which one is it and if it actually is the cause of the problem.

  • @tokyojerry

    Change your preference? login away please

    That I mean, Google Account preference. When you want to change settings of Gmail, GPlus, etc. Google will re-ask for your password.

    In this thread context. I'm talking about one of your extensions responsible for trying to access Google Sync.
    So, test your extensions. Disable all first; then enable them one by one.
    2 days ago I met some kind of "Bookmarks Panel" extension that behave like the problem in this thread.

  • @dLeon OK. I will take you advice on that. Most likely that is the issue. Some third party errant extension that does not behave well. If I uncover any culprit extension will inform later.
    Thanks again for your input.


  • @AgFar It's probably because that is the URL used to sign into the Chrome browser. This URL is not functional outside off Chrome. You can sign into Google, but you can't directly sign into Vivaldi using Google, meaning you cannot sync bookmarks, history, etc.


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