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  • Installed it yesterday because I got really bored of Opera, crashes everywhere, stupid certificates not working (whatever the f*** that means), 0 options, etc etc

    I've got to say there are a few things that really irk me.

    a) Why the first option when right clicking an image is "open it in a new tab"? The "save image" option, in the contextual menu, is at the fifth spot! Any extensions or hidden options to modify that? I save lots of images and I don't think I'll ever get used to this. Also, in some cases it gets skipped and gets to the 10th position or something!
    b) How the bookmarks on the main bar are managed. This is really terrible. If I add a folder on the bar, then I can't re-order them inside the folder, instead I have to open the inconvenient sidebar and do that from there. Boring. At the moment I'm trying to keep browsing with my sidebar open, and that works. But it also brings another point
    c) Why in the hell there's no "history" panel? Only three options? Bookmarks, downloads and notes? That's a HUGE waste of space there and I wish I could move downloads and the bookmark button somewhere else; unless there's a way to add actual bookmarks ON the left bar. That would be awesome and solve lots of problems.

    Other than this, I found it pretty good. Sometimes tabs don't load instantly, there's a stupid white border on the favicons (only on the active tab), and I don't like how tabs work in general, but it's really good.


  • Regarding a):
    I can't answer if there is a way to change the position of contextmenu items but I can tell you how I save images:
    right click on the image than I press V.
    If I have an overview with cropped previews from a few images I all want to collect I just right click them and press K (for save link as...) so you don't have to open every image

    Regarding C):
    Press F4 to open the sidebar click the + and enter in the popup that appears vivaldi://history/ (I hope that was what you wanted?)

    Regarding the point that you don't like the tab behaviour you might want to try out some of the many options you got in vivaldi://settings/tabs/

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    @key13 said in New user experience:

    I've got to say there are a few things that really irk me.

    Quit whining, and please don't use foul language.

    Vivaldi is even newer than the new version of Opera. Be patient. Customising of menus and toolbars will come eventually. Meanwhile, you can ask on the Modding Vivaldi thread.

    Ssee the Modding Forum

    The suggested method of right-click, v works for both images and images that are links. Old Opera has a similar menu order for images, so it makes sense to keep the same or similar order in Vivaldi. However, in Opera 12.17 one can edit the menus, which I did extensively to remove items that I never use. Save Image is near the bottom on my custom menu.

    The Bookmarks Bar is not designed to manage bookmarks. The Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab are designed for that. Later, some improvements may come to the Bookmarks Bar, but don't hold your breath — there's a lot more issues that are more frequently requested.

    The history tab uses the underlying history page of Chrome. The Vivaldi developers are actively working on a History Panel. The workaround suggested does not work well. It's better to use a shortcut like Ctrl H to open the History Tab.

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    @key13 - Welcome to Vivaldi! It's in its early stages yet, and much more flexibility will be introduced. Thank you for being patient with us!

  • I want to add: why the scroll bar on the right must be so clear? A bit more contrast doesn't hurt anybody

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    @key13 - You must be on Win7? There's no transparency on other OSes. You might also look at Settings/Appearance/Color for contrast adjustment.

  • Vivaldi keeps disappointing me, although it's the least of the horrors in the browsers situation.
    Why there's no "OPEN", simple, in same tab, in the contextual menu? was it really so necessary to remove it? although we sure need the "open new link in private tab" right.
    lol what a delusion 😕

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    @key13 said in New user experience:

    Why there's no "open", simple, in same tab, in the contextual menu?

    Probably because all you need to do is click a link to do that.

  • @Pesala You are wrong and clearly don't know what you're talking about, assuming you know why I need to have a "Open" in my contextual menu is just ignorant and childish


    Hey look, I want to open the image in the same tab
    i just need to click as pesala said right?
    ops, it expands itself instead!
    i need to copy the link and paste it, or open image in new tab and close the old tab: totally unpractical. what's more infuriating is: why was there the need to remove it, since it's in opera

    (just one example)

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    @key13 - Vivaldi is substantially incomplete. The developers are in the process of writing an entire new browser from scratch, whole-cloth. The only thing they are not writing is the display engine (because then it would require years to see the first glimpse of what they're trying to make). The Chromium engine, or chrome for that matter, do not have (have never had) the "open" option. Chrome has "open image in new tab." Vivaldi has "open image in...(new tab, new background tab, new window, new private window)" Opera has "open image in new tab."

    OLD Opera (a completely different software from Vivaldi or New Opera) had "Open," which was really handy. It's quite possible Vivaldi developers will write the code necessary to do the same thing here. But nothing has been removed. What's happening is a totally new product is being written from the ground up. Please be patient with what is, at this moment, the fastest-developing browser in the world.

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    @key13 said in New user experience:

    @Pesala You are wrong and clearly don't know what you're talking about, assuming you know why I need to have a "Open" in my contextual menu is just ignorant and childish

    Your attitude isn't mature either. And stating that they "removed" something that was actually never there and confusing Vivaldi and Opera (old) - two different browsers with almost nothing in common - if not ignorant, then what is it?

    Such feature has been requested already - at least three times by myself: 1, 2, 3. It was also requested to be able to edit the context menus. But building a browser takes time and we have to wait patiently until they eventually add those features...

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    @key13 said in New user experience:

    why was there the need to remove it

    You're showing your ignorance again. It was not removed. Vivaldi inherits many things from Chromium, and must add stuff back that was in Opera. As I said earlier, we will later get the option of editing menus, until then we must be patient and use work-arounds (or extensions) to get what we want.

    Right-click, copy image address, Paste and go is a pretty good workaround for now.

    Grow up and quit whining about trivial defects. By all means make a polite request in the right place. No doubt the developers already know that some users want this.

  • Trivial defects? just LMAO!
    If the browser is not finished just don't release it
    the homepage doesn't say anything about it being still developed

    I'm just a user, I don't know anything about chromium or whatever you are talking about and I do not care to know, I just want a good browser and I thought I found it in Vivaldi sadly I was wrong, hope in the future when I will reinstall it it'll be different

  • @key13
    It's easier to just not using it if it doesn't fit the bill?

    They release it because it does use able (it does for some people). They take user feed backs, user request, & bug reports for better tommorow.

    You actually care to join the forum, "shout" about your favorite features don't exist, placed on place you're not accustom too and then instantly touch the nerve of people who actually want to help.


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