E-mail without filtering?

  • #E-mail without filtering?#

    I would like to be able to receive my mail without any filtering whatsoever
    (especially without spam filtering).
    How may I configure that?

    Would prefer a simple check box.
    Work-around through filters appears not to be available, since apparently
    Inbox cannot be a destination folder of a mail filter here?

    ##My Perspective##

    Irrelevant is the performance of your spamfilter.
    Relevant is that if it does anything it will interfere with either my normal or my spam mail handling:

    • Normal mail: Will not be delivered normally as it should.
    • Spam: If diverted from my Inbox will interfere with my more effective
      • Determining who (which organization) has been careless with my data.
        • With option to alert them about their fault.
          (May help to protect data of others.)
      • Stopping them (from being able to send me any more mail).

    (Though I appreciate your effort and the fact that you offer this service free
    of charge I must say that I fail to see how anyone could consider a spam
    filter and folder an adequate solution for mail handling. E.g. it requires
    constant attention.)

  • Community Manager

    @kqSUzLqgRmRXnRTOSt0 Thanks for reaching out and sharing such detailed insights about how to handle received email with vivaldi.net

    Right before Christmas we received numerous requests from unhappy users receiving too many spam mails in their inbox. For that reason we increased the spam filter that we monitor on a regular basis. Thanks for your understanding. 🙂


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