Trackpad 3 finger swipe back/forward issue

  • Firstly gotta say, just installed Vivaldi and love it so far!

    One issue though.

    I have my trackpad setting "Swipe between pages", set to "Swipe with three fingers". This does not work on Vivaldi (the gesture does nothing.)

    When I set "Swipe between pages" to any of the other 2 settings, 2 finger swipe works, but 3 finger swipe doesn't work for any of them.

    Any chance we could get 3-finger swipe working? 🙏

  • Hey!
    Hmm, I restarted, checked today and it's working now.

    Not sure what happened, but it's working 😄

  • Moderator

    @monting There's definitely something weird going on where Vivaldi on the Mac can suddenly stop responding to swipe gestures for some reason. The same problem also occurs for me on Chrome 55, but not with Safari or Firefox. The Chromium team supposedly fixed some other Mac gesture issues in v55 back in November but this may have caused some other problems.

    For me, toggling Bluetooth off/on on my MacBook immediately "fixes" the problem but clearly this is not a solution on a desktop Mac with Bluetooth peripherals.


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