Stylish collects userdata now!?

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    As i was reading here, here that UserStyles org ans Stylish collect and sell user browsing data to third party, my frist thought was WT*. 😠

    No Optin was shown to collect data. Extension is going same data collecting sink like w0t some month ago.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Thanks GD. I was shocked to read your post, as i'd not been aware of this privacy change for Stylish. I was about to uninstall it from V, but for now have left it here, albeit with that new check-box empty. I do hope they honour the user's wishes fully, if they have unticked that box, & don't still take nefarious actions.

  • Would it be possible to incorporate content from my Stylish sheet into custom.css?

    I'm guessing that site-specific CSS maybe impossible to incorporate, but what about "global" CSS?

    For example,

    ::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 10px; height: 10px;}
    ::-webkit-scrollbar-corner {background-color:#333}
    .favicon { display: none !important }

  • Opting out does mean this, unfortunately: "One side effect of this is that Stylish won't reveal available styles through its icon when you visit Internet sites."

    That's one of the major features.

  • @rseiler -- yeah, i did realise that, & it did give me pause to think... but i decided for me at least that probably doesn't matter. Rightly or wrongly, so far Vivaldi is the only site for which i've found a style that actually improves my user-experience. All other sites i regularly visit, either have no S style available, or what is available works but i hate, or doesn't work at all. So, on balance, as this extension is basically only helping me with one site, it doesn't feel like a loss for me to untick that box. Clearly the fact that this S extension purports to be so popular implies that i must have very different tastes in websites than other people.

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    @Steffie - not necessarily a bad thing...

  • @Steffie Come to think of it, I have hardly any canned ones added either, for the same reasons. I tend to use it to change font sizes (many sites have taken to using a HUGE font for some reason) and sometimes eliminate clutter.

    Thanks for the pointer to the one for this forum. Now if only someone would do the same for the blog, where it would at least differentiate Opera staff/mods from everyone else.

  • @Ayespy
    Teehee, why thank you, kind sir.

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    @aesouza Please open a new thread for questions about how-to add User CSS.

    Here we are talking about the xtensions data collection and privacy problems.

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    @Steffie you can also download (or - to be more precise - copy) any style from and use it in any other "Custom CSS" extension. Just navigate to the style's page, click "Show CSS", copy the code and paste it in the extension of your choice.

  • @pafflick -- that's a very cunning innovative idea, thank you. I wish i had that kind of cool knowledge.

    Actually, atm i'm running V with Stylish disabled altogether [not uninstalled, yet] whilst i continue some troubleshooting. For a good [or rather, bad] few days my V-SS has been misbehaving in a most exasperating way. Randomly after it's been in the background for some time [eg, an hour or so], & other times when in active use, its UI kind of "flickers" once & then it either freezes completely, or otherwise goes bananas with weird graphical artefacts appearing & disappearing, wrong tabs becoming active, web-panels being ignored, assorted other UI bonkersnesses... leaving me no choice but to kill & relaunch it. It happens multiple times a day & is so annoying... but my V SS never used to do this.

    Something's changed, but i can't yet identify the cause. One recent change i made was to opt-out of that privacy-breaching setting in Stylish. I can't conceive that that's really now fighting with V [seems illogical], but subjectively this weird V misbehaviour [definitely began before i opted-out in S] seemed to become much worse since i took that action. Also subjectively, V seems to have calmed down again since disabling S. This is highly imperfect as rational troubleshooting, as in the background important other things have also been changing, not least being i downgraded my compositing from OpenGL 3.1 to 2.0, & there has been a Plasma update from 5.8.3 to 5.8.4. Still, i have to begin root cause analysis troubleshooting somewhere...
    Tower's SSD = Linux Mint 17.3 x64 KDE 4.14.2 [< 26/9/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.
    Lappy's SSD = Linux Mint 18 x64 Xfce+Compiz [< 25/12/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.

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    @Steffie I've also unchecked that checkbox now, after reading this thread, but so far I haven't noticed anything unusual. I use Stylish only for styles written by myself and I haven't ever needed its feature to propose me styles for sites that I visit. I use it only because it's quite convenient for writing CSS and has the features that I need. But TBH I'd prefer built-in custom styles feature like the Opera 12 had so that I could store the CSS files on my computer...

  • @pafflick -- oh well who knows, maybe the V pixies might yet have a future gift in store for you to grant your CSS wish. Ta for the feedback re your S experience post-opt-out. Yes i really did think i was silly for suspecting it as my root cause. Methinks i'll continue to run V for the rest of today with S disabled [just for completeness] then, if no recurrence of the V gremlin by then, will reactivate it.

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    @Steffie There might be plenty of reasons, I'm on Windows, so I can't really help you with that anyway. As for the Stylish, if you use one or just a few custom styles, you might consider switching to a more light-weight extension, like this one for example. It has the essential features, uses 2-3× less memory than Stylish and it has the ability to add custom JavaScript's, whereas Stylish is for CSS only. It has a rough interface and it's terrible for writing the code (it's easier to write the code somewhere else and then paste it into the extension), but it does the job.

  • @pafflick -- interesting, ta. OK, sit down so you don't fall over with surprise at the naivety of my following query. Much as i want to teach myself about coding, as yet my Talent Quotient in that department is exactly 0 (i could give you that to 17 significant figures, if needed]. Hence, i have no idea about / competence for writing my own CSS-anything. For a numpty like me, could i do this though, re your alternative suggestion? Install Custom Style Script, re-enable Stylish, go to edit mode for Vivaldi Sprucey Bonus*, copy all its code, paste it [somewhere, somehow] into Custom Style Script, abandon Stylish, live the rest of my days in nirvana?

  • @Steffie -- hey yes, it worked!! Nice, i've actually learned something cool. Thank you 🙂

  • @pafflick
    I try your suggested extension but it doesn't work on pages inside "www panels" (panels on the left side).
    Tested on whatsapp, inbox, gmail, keep. No effect.

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    @BriHecato You can always look for another extension in the Chrome Web Store and report back to us if you find any good replacement. 🙂

  • Hey all I want to suggest stylus. It is a fork of stylish without the tracking and restores the old dropdown.

    The github repo is here

  • @Hippyjake Nice find. It says that the only Stylish feature that they implemented since 1.52 is the import/export. I'm not sure what those other features would be (apart from the obvious), since aside from the look/functionality of the toolbar icon, it's all but identical-looking. Including, importantly, the management section.


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