"Vertical tabs" extension from Opera

  • For anyone interested, here are the instructions how to install my extension in Viavaldi:

    You have to download the extension from Opera's Extensions web page
    Click on grayed out button "Add to Opera", and click on "Get it anyway"
    Download the file vertical-tabs-x.x.x.nex file.
    Now things may get a little complicated, because you have to extract that file and replace "manifest.json" file with the one provided here.
    To extract it rename the extension to .zip.

    Once you have replaced manifest.json, you have two options, run it from a folder (you will have to keep it somewhere safe, but will be easier to update in the future) or to pack it back and install the extension.

    To proceed, go to Vivaldi's Extensions page (you can press Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut) and enable "Developer mode" on top of the page.

    For the first option, to run extension from the folder you can easily click on "Load unpacked extension..." and navigate to the folder where you have it extracted before. When done, click on Options below its red icon


    Now you will have to copy the URL and replace "options" part of the URL to "sidebar"
    You should have something like "chrome-extension://a lot of random letters/sidebar.html"
    Now the last step is to add it as the "Web panel"
    click on the + button on the side panel and paste URL
    I already have it here as you can see above.

    If you choose to pack it and install, so you can remove the folder later on, you have to, instead of clicking on "Load unpacked extension...", you have to click on "Pack extension..." button and click on the first button "Browse..." on top to navigate to the folder where you have previously extracted the extension. Then click OK and Pack extensions.
    At this point, you can Drag and drop newly created extension to Vivaldi and install it and proceed as in previous step, go to options page, copy url and replace "options" to "sidebar" and proceed to add the Web panel as described above.

    Now a little warning, the extension will not update itself, each time I upload the update to the Opera's extensions page, I can write here that update is available, and each time you will have to repeat entire procedure, so I strongly advise to load unpacked extension from a folder and keep manifest.json so you can replace it easily each time.
    If you pack the extension every time you will lose groups and options as well, so this is another drawback in packing it.

    Now for the extension itself, there a lot of things that don't work, first of all drag&drop, you will not be able to drop tabs to groups, you can still put tabs using menu. I have no idea why drag&drop is not working. Second thing is that audio indicators are laggy, once audio was playing, indicator may get stuck even if audio got muted.

    I will post later, how to enable tabs discarding as well, which is a must with a lot of tabs.
    That's all for now, have fun.

  • @kroppy

    Awesome to see another user who wants this extension functionality 🙂

    wish all the features worked with the steps above.

    Thank you for this!

  • @green.on.green Thanks man, I will keep on working on it. Hopefully I will be able to fix drag&drop and other issues. It's just a matter of time.

  • I have an update for all that want tabs unloading option.
    Vertical tabs has been updated to 1.8.5 with tabs discarding support. So proceed to download the extension (look at the procedure from first post). After that, to have the option available, please open vivaldi://flags, find "Automatic tab discarding" and set it to enabled.
    Restart your browser and you will have tabs unloading option in menu of vertical tabs.
    Option is not automatic, to avoid various issues, but maybe in the future I will think about it.

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