Vivaldi closes while using the F3 search

  • Everytime I use the F3 search shortcut to look for a word in a pdf document and then I try to close the bar by clicking the x button on the bar itself, it closes the Browser too! Then when I reopen Vivaldi and restore the tabs through the bin icon in the top right corner, the document doesn't appear and the refresh icon is disabled: the only way to see it again is to use the F5 shortcut. Is this some kind of bug or am I using the search bar wrong?

  • @Ugolonix
    Mmh strange I tested this on win 7 32-bit with 1.7.705.3 32-bit and 1.7.715.3 32-bit and everything worked fine.
    What system and vivaldi-version do you use?
    Does this also happen when you quit the search via pressing "esc" ?
    Does the size of the pdf make any difference ( 500 pages versus 1 page) ? (just asking because I had a few snapshots back some troubles that were linked to the pdf file size)

  • Moderator

    Which Vivaldi is used?
    I remember this was fixed in 1.7.713.4.

  • Okay I have updated Vivaldi to the latest release and I think that the problem is solved. Thanks for the help


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