[bug] search engine shortcut disables Vivaldi

  • In the URL field if I type one of the search engine shortcut keys (i.e. "g" or "w") followed by a space Vivaldi stops responding - basically it dies.... 😕
    This only happens with the search engines I have registered, so say for Google.com search, I open a new tab a try to type "g fish" to search google.com for "fish". As soon as I press space Vivaldi breaks. If I type "x fish" Vivaldi is fine but obviously doesn't search google.
    I'm running:
    Vivaldi 1.7.715.3 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    Revision 841b9a58130b84a3816d42023b714a2127e1e56f
    64bit Windows 7 Professional v6.1 Build 7601: SP1

    Anyone else get this? If not I'll do a full reinstall of Vivaldi - it's just I've got it almost working how I want and don't feel like re-customising it all over again.

  • I just tested it on my machine, and it seems to work as intended. I still have Bing set as default, and when I type g (space) search query it will search Google for it.

  • @sirjeff Do you have by any means one nickname given to two different search engines? like "g" for google.se and also for google.com?
    This is a bug I reported a whole bunch of snapshots ago but it doesn't seemed to be fixed yet

    Does this happen with every searchengine? Or only with ones you created yourself?

  • @zaibon I only have w and g (wiki and google) I'm gonna remove them and re-add. And see how it goes. I can't remember when this stated happening.

  • Update: I deleted the left over search engines and then used the "Restore Defaults" button and that seemed to fix things.
    I removed all but wiki and google and set google as default. I also added a custom search engine. Still working. Woop woop. \o|o|/o/
    One thing I noticed - or maybe I'm crazy but I don't recall seeing the default blue tick when I was having this bug. Most likely my insanity (shhh don't tell the that).
    Happy days, i can search via the address bar again! 🏆


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