500 Internal Server Error?

  • Anyone else frequently getting a "500 Internal Server Error, Fatal error occurred, Contact the site owner" error message when trying to post or reply to these forums? Thing is it still posts your reply, if you go back you'll notice but it will state there is a duplicate message already posted in which I then just hit cancel. Perhaps it is issues on the end of the forums host company and not totally Vivaldi none the less I just noticed it happening today. EDIT: Is not specific to Vivaldi browser (I'm using latest tech preview 2), also happening in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Yes, I noticed those, plus a few other glitches. It's expected, in my opinion, to have a few edges unpolished as it's a community in development.

    As you've said, it's not specific to just the V browser, since the code 500 error is exactly what it's named: an internal server error. It's an error on the website's server, and can occur for a number of various reasons.

    Let's keep an eye on this and similar problems and I'm sure the devs will have everything done in no time.

  • Yeah, I do not want to speak too soon, however currently it seems like the issue has been corrected. Or at least I am not seeing the error when trying to submit a reply to a thread on these forums anymore.

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  • I got this each time I replied yesterday, reported it to the bug thread. Dunno if fixed or not yet though.

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    This appears to be fixed now.

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