Changing Location of Bookmarks File

  • Is there a way to change where Vivaldi stores its bookmarks file? On my Linux distro it stores it at /home/grahf/.config/vivaldi/Default/

    What I want to do is store the bookmark file at /home/grahf/.config/vivaldi/Default/Sync and use a program called syncthing that will sync that folder between my laptop and desktop.....that way my bookmarks are synced.

  • @Grahf I don't know, but in case it doesn't (and you probably already know this), you could use a symlink.

  • @Grahf - Have you tried moving it to your preferred place, then symlinking it back into Default?

  • Thank you both. I'll try that

  • No, IIRC you can't symlink only bookmark file. Vivaldi rewrite it as absolute file.
    You need to symlink entire profile folder; if you want to use symlink.

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