Can't install Lastpass Binary on Vivaldi

  • Hej guys!

    I have been using Lastpass for Chrome/Vivaldi for quite some time without any problems. Now however I want to install the LastPass binary - which I gather is for saving htaccess passwords - but can't seem to do it:

    1. When being prompted by an htaccess password box I am asked by Lastpass to download the binary.
    2. I download and install.

    When I return to the same page I am prompted once again. I have tried with Vivaldi>More Options>About Vivaldi>install Binary but that just loops the whole process. What to do?

    Would be grateful for any help.

  • I'm getting this same problem with recent versions of Vivaldi. Pretty sure the Lastpass binary used to work OK, so it could fill in HTTP AUTH popups.

  • I've got the same issue. However when I try to install the binary component on Win10 using lastpass_x64.exe the Chrome option, which I guess is the right one for Vivaldi, is greyed out.
    It works like a charm on Firefox but I'd like to switch definitely to Vivaldi.
    Any known workaround?

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