A new browser in town, Otter Browser

  • Just saw an article about it https://otter-browser.org looks pretty much like Opera 12. Has anyone tried it yet?

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    @saudiqbal - Yes. Been under development since 2013, and is still, in my book, crap. It's light and fairly fast, feature-poor, and lacks substantial basic browser capability. It can't even save favicons. After testing it for 18 months, I finally uninstalled it. If Vivaldi failed utterly, it might become a life raft, but I hold out little hope for it.

  • Yeah, agree with Ayespy there.

    In security point of view a browser that only build/enhance/whatever on spare time of whoever want to touch it is really not on my watch list. I don't hope anything big bang in near future for that browser though.

  • Their slogan is: "Controlled by the user, not vice versa"

    So it's not... used by the controller? What? 🙂

    I wish the best of luck to anyone creating their own free/libre browser, but there are a lot of that kind of projects out there and most of them have died at some point. They all seem to have broadly the same goals, but why collaborate when you can have everything your way by making it from scratch!


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