Option to clear private data and typed history on exit

  • That's the only feature i felt missing

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    @sattularab - feature that's been requested roughly a million times, and will be included at some point. :)

  • @Ayespy

    Will this rectify the invasive data kept in a log in the Local App Settings folder?

    TRACKING_USER_ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   TRACKING_LAST_CHECKED xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I can't imagine why I would have a tracking user ID. This log also contains any text and URL I've ever typed. It is most disturbing to a privacy minded individual.

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    @Gigzama Yes, typed history il this log file, that is a bad (already reported) bug.
    But i cant see any tracking_user_id in it.

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    @Gigzama - I don't have that. Where do you find it?

  • @Ayespy

    "\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Local App Settings\mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli\000003.log"

    Fresh Vivaldi x64 1.7.715.3, W10 x64, AMD Phenom II X4 905, Nvidia GT730
    I've only recently noticed the "tracking user id". This is a fresh install, but I've seen in other profiles. Examining the log with a text editor, it's largely gibberish in the way it's formatted, but here's the content of my log (I've x'd out my tracking ID):

    Èfæ5            å ?/*           SETTINGS_MIGRATION_VERSION8¨¡k(           VIVALDI_FIRSTRUN_DONEtrue²§¥R           BOOKMARKS_PANEL_BOOKMARKSSORT&{"sortField":"manually","sortOrder":1}ß1           TRACKING_USER_ID"XXXXXXXXXXX           TRACKING_LAST_CHECKED1483552280211.02BÅl            ú~šº!           
    USE_ANIMATIONfalseîëMé(           SHOW_VIVALDI_FOOTER"urls"ÓÀ       	   
    THEME_CURRENT	"Redmond"USE_TABCOLORtrueUSE_TAB_TRANSPARENT_TABSfalse{4ÈÅ            noåÎ          THEMES_USERæ[{"colors":{"accentBg":"#0070da","baseBg":"#f5f4f6","baseFg":"#1e1e1e","highlightBg":"#0070da"},"name":"New Theme 1","settings":{"accentFromPage":true,"accentOnWindow":true,"borderRadius":2,"tabsTransparent":false},"version":0.1}]
    "New Theme 1"n‚óu2           BROWSER_COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_BG	"#3e8fcc"¦zï/           BROWSER_COLOR_ACCENT_BG	"#3e8fcc"€›D            USE_TABCOLORfalseeoäã(           BROWSER_COLOR_BG	"#f5f6f7"0kqa          THEMES_USERà[{"colors":{"accentBg":"#3e8fcc","baseBg":"#f5f6f7","baseFg":"#1e1e1e","highlightBg":"#3e8fcc"},"name":"Mine","settings":{"accentFromPage":false,"accentOnWindow":true,"borderRadius":2,"tabsTransparent":false},"version":0.1}]
    THEME_CURRENT"Mine"ÔŸ-+           USE_TAB_TRANSPARENT_TABStrueHšÍÊ(           STARTPAGE_SHOW_IMAGEfalseð *7/           SPEEDDIAL_ADDBUTTON_VISIBLEfalseˆ³§³.           SPEEDDIAL_TITLES_VISIBLE"never"±Ñ¸š6           TAB_NEW_PLACEMENT"directrightofcurrent"¸t6ô,           DEFAULT_TAB_PAGE
    "about:blank"€0jP1           TAB_ACTIVATION_PREFER_RELATEDfalseX,©Ð            USE_TOOLTIPfalse¶  * !          TAB_THUMBNAILS_ENABLEDfalseëq- "          SWITCH_TABS_AT_WINDOW_EDGEtrue‹*Ý& #          TAB_UNREAD_ENABLEDfalseÉ9^I$ $          SHOW_PANEL_SWITCHtrue¥õ
    è 8           ú=
    è 8           ú=
    è 8           ú=
    è 8           ú=
    è 8           ú=
    è 8           (J¯†( 8          APPLICATION_STATE"normal"³<uU 9          
    TYPED_HISTORY9"{\"h\":[{\"u\":\"vivaldi:flags\",\"w\":1483552808700}]}"½Í· :           ½Í· :           ½Í· :           {Ðèô` :          PANEL_STATEF{"barVisible":false,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}Û'Ïh_ ;          PANEL_STATEE{"barVisible":true,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}m¯‡q` <          PANEL_STATEF{"barVisible":false,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}fè˜. =          EXTENSIONS_TOOLBAR_VISIBLEfalse@ï²Û- >          EXTENSIONS_TOOLBAR_VISIBLEtrue<Mw_ ?          PANEL_STATEE{"barVisible":true,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}5»ž @           ‡ìA< @          (EXTENSIONS_TOOLBAR_TOGGLE_BUTTON_ENABLEDfalseýŠæˆ` A          PANEL_STATEF{"barVisible":false,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}¾Y"} B          
    TYPED_HISTORYa"{\"h\":[{\"u\":\"testing\",\"w\":1483553120898},{\"u\":\"vivaldi:flags\",\"w\":1483552808700}]}"IÚ=_ C          PANEL_STATEE{"barVisible":true,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}«Fü D           «Fü D           «Fü D           ÎoŒÛª D          
    TYPED_HISTORY"{\"h\":[{\"u\":\"youtube.com\",\"w\":1483553771913},{\"u\":\"testing\",\"w\":1483553120898},{\"u\":\"vivaldi:flags\",\"w\":1483552808700}]}"Žƒ N` E          PANEL_STATEF{"barVisible":false,"panelVisible":false,"selectedPanel":"","width":0}ìˆ]­ F           ìˆ]­ F           ìˆ]­ F           ÷3—ª F          

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    @Gigzama - looks like a precursor to sync. Vivaldi does anonymous tracking of what the user universe looks like, but to do sync, every install requires a unique ID.

    Edit: On further research, that syntax is used by some cookies.

  • Hello, I've been using Vivaldi for a long time but this security issue which Gigzama has brought up has made me uninstall the browser for now. Why would Vivaldi generate a file that contains all of the person's typed history? Also, there definitely needs to be an option to clear private data and typed history (including the contents within the Vivaldi generated file)!

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    @PixelatedPirateShip - The file does not contain all of a person's typed history. You are assuming that the question brought by Gigzama is a "security issue" with no evidence that this is the case. The file does contain data concerning cookies and things the browser needs for autocomplete in the address bar, etc. It does not contain "all of the person's typed history."

    It stores your browser settings and preferences as well. In other words, in order for the browser to interact with YOU, and to know how you left it and how you want to come back to it, what data you want at your finger tips, etc., that data is in that file.

    It stores every change you make to the UI, every tab you open or close, every session you save, etc., and it logs them as they occur. That way each time you open the browser, you find it just as you left it.

  • Oh. I just checked the file and it contains everything I have typed in the address bar. I just wish the browser had a way to delete only the typed history information. I am hoping that the developers have that feature on their to-do list for Vivaldi.

  • @PixelatedPirateShip

    Right, not "all of a person's typed history", if that is indeed what I sloppily implied. But it does contain every bit of text typed and url entered in the address bar. In my case, the log had grown to 1.2mb.

    That log seems to be a makeshift catch all; a good deal of Vivaldi config settings, the search engines data base, etc.

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    @Gigzama I corrected your insert of dump.
    Please put such long dump as a code block between 3 backticks ``` at start and at end. Please have a look at Markdown syntax at http://commonmark.org/help/ .

  • I would like to see Firefox-like privacy settings:

    alt text

  • @Stardust That would make Vivaldi the best browser around!

  • @Gwen-Dragon Noted, and thank you!

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    @Stardust my mantra: it will come, it will come, it will come, it will come ...
    All such wishes are already known. be sure.

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    @Gwen-Dragon said in Option to clear private data and typed history on exit:

    @Stardust my mantra: it will come, it will come, it will come, it will come ...
    All such wishes are already known. be sure.

    :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :thumbsup_tone1: You're absolutely right, but mantra totally gets me down :)

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