Cannot drag into context menu anymore

  • Hi there,

    i am sure there is a better way to describe my problem in the title but i don't know how such a feature is called.
    Anyway, for regular on unix systems, you can simply rightclick, the contextmenu opens, you move the cursor to the menuentry and then (not earlier) you release the finger from the mouse.

    This makes all the contextmenu actions very fast but unforunally doesn't work in vivaldi anymore(?). :cry:
    I checked with chromium and it works there. :expressionless:

    I am with Vivaldi 1.6.689.34

  • Moderator

    Does not work yet as Vivaldi uses its own UI fore menu and drag. It is reported as a wanted feature some months ago.

  • Well i hope there will be progress soon since this and the 360p youtube videos are my main reason to stay with firefox... .
    It is just a "workflow problem"*.
    But nice to read that it is already reported (and hopefully accepted).


  • that xkcd can be applied to almost every post in this forum :P

  • @iAN-CooG hehe, not only this forum :P

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