Simple save/restore profile tool

  • Hi, please give a try to my simple tool Vivaldi Profiler, which will save or restore your current user profile.
    Will backup with 7z your current user profile in current folder
    Will restore with 7z your current folder save in current user profil

    -use taskillbat.exe to launch taskill on vivaldi.exe (after warning) in order to unlock user files
    -use backup.exe to launch 7z.exe and compress user profile folder

    -check if vivaldi_profile.7z is present
    -use restore.exe to launch 7z.exe and extract vivaldi_profile.7z

    taskill.exe: windows 10 taskill.exe
    taskillbat.exe: batch file converted to exe to launch taskill silently
    restore.exe: batch file converted to exe to launch 7z silently
    backup.exe: batch file converted to exe to launch 7z silently

    vivaldi_profiler_v1.0.exe: nsis container to launch files


    some ideas for future:
    -remove profile folder before restore?

    (Sorry for my English, I'm from France)

  • This is how it works, really simple. I will make a pure English build soon.
    I need to try it with future mail client ^^
    alt text

  • Now in English, available on my website:
    Full sources available here:

    alt text

  • Unfortunately, Windows Defender found some malware and removed it, so I could not test it for you.

  • @Pesala
    Yes, random for me too, I had to recompile some bat into exe. False positive.
    I'm now using silentcmd.exe and bat files.
    Same urls, program and sources updated, you should not have false positive now.

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