Feature requests for 1.7

  • Reader View for Touch friendly .. instead scrolling, make it swiping. and have a number of page of the site. and thumbnail preview like old Opera 12 want to do list long-long time ago...

  • User created "Custom Buttons" with all browser actions like in Opera12. Manage custom buttoms in a menu in settings. Drag and Drop custom buttons wherever you like. Share custom buttoms with other users via data-Links.

    THIS WAS THE TRUE CUSTOMIZATION which vivaldi is triing to be strong at (and successfull!)

    For those who didn't know:

    You were able to write your own custom buttons - to access every opera browser action and put in into a custom button, you could pipe several actions each with their parameters and also some parameters for the description, say the button title or icon of the button into a single line of code.

    One particular useful custom button that made the rounds was the "one-click-open-last-closed-tab-button-WITH-added-dropdownlistofLastClosed"

    Another example: I made myself a button that would open the mail-panel AND opened the unread/inbox folder directly into a maximized window.

    You could share these buttons with others via data-URLs as Links, say for example in the forum.
    You could press such a shared button link and it was added to your "custom buttoms"-menu in the opera settings. Or you could drag-drop these links directly into your theme, your browser bar, side panel, mail panel... whereever you wanted the custom buttom.

  • @dLeon -Yes but it doesn't work in a PRIVATE mode on browser.

  • @VivaldiUser2
    Ah, I never know that.

  • @dLeon Yup. I mean exactly the site name 😉
    I usually hide with .css and vivaldi hooks, but in latest snapshot not always hide the name.

  • @dLeon said:

    Isn't all of that already there?

    In input box just put something. Say, vivaldi.net. Then anything have vivaldi in title or url will provided under date folder. Don't forget to choose "All History" in other drop down.

    The History Page (CTRL+h) also has "More from this site" option. Which do almost like above method in two click.

    Well, I didn't know about new history page when I wrote this and never noticed the "all history" in panel 😃
    The request is to have, for every date, a subfolder according to the domain/site (optional) to keep the list more "clean" to navigate; this both in panel and in the new history page (which is cool. I hope will stay ^^)

  • @CheVe11e_191
    my bad, upvoted the original now

  • @Ayespy Any chance that the Developer Tools could be integrated into the side panel / web panel section? That would allow for docking and quick access.

    I'm sure whichever way it ends up being implemented it will be amazing. I am in awe of the brilliant design and customization you have used to develop this browser.

  • Make rearranging tabs in a tab group easier.

  • @dsl101 This is an excellent idea.

    I am commenting because I suffer from Keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that causes my vision to make objects appear stretched and distorted. It is more common than people realize, and the worst aspect is that rubbing your eyes can affect the impact of the distortion and even alter your entire lens prescription.

    It is a small change, but going from Clone to Duplicate would be great, because I have cloned tabs when I intended to close them and vice versa before.

    Thanks for mentioning this.

  • Make a keyboard shortcut for toggling between the current tab and the previously viewed tab.

  • @jplanvers I absolutely LOVE the current ability to see which tabs are playing audio and to stop the audio by clicking the volume icon on the tab itself.

    Would there be anyway to link this feature so that it interacts with media, rather than audio? This way, clicking the volume icon would cease all media functioning on the page (mp4, flv, html5, mp3, etc)

  • Moderator

    @jrsilvey: I'm just a volunteer mod. I don't work for Vivaldi. But I also do volunteer internal testing (they call us volunteers "Sopranos.") and so I get some peeks behind the curtain. All I know for sure right now is that serious work is being done to make DevTools dockable.

  • @xdaimon What do you have in mind to make rearranging easier. Any suggestions?

  • I'd like to be able to hide the home button. I keep accidentally hitting it when I mean to reload and have no use for it otherwise, so being able to hide it would be nice.

  • @zaibon For example I have 2 tabs grouped together... And I'd like to swap them just using drag & drop (why? When I use tab tiling I like to rearrange tiles order because it's based on grouping)


  • @ROTFL Ah okay, I've to say that I thought this was already possible 😰 Especially for tab tiling this makes some kind of sense.
    So one more upvote for this request ^^

  • Moderator

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Better handling for screenshots/capture

    • just like the download folder a custom screenshot folder in the settings ¹
    • readable screenshot file name, the current situation with UUID is unacceptable
      • example: vivaldi-[translate]-%H-%M-%S.png/jpg
    • for JPG quality settings

    ¹ I hate when a program without asking me to create a folder

  • A function to mark tab as Unread
    (+ customizable keyboard shortcut for one)

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