Feature requests for 1.7

  • @mossman The other thing I'm wondering - why would you have 80 incognito tabs open in the first place?!? For banking, legal, work stuff etc. I can't imagine you'd need to keep lots of tabs open all the time. There's only one other thing I can think of where you might open several at once (pr0n) - but would you really need to keep all those tabs intact at the next restart...?

  • Auto Clear Private Data on Browser Exit
    Configure which private data should be cleared when all browser instances are closed.

  • If a URL is typed in a pinned tab a new tab will be opened instead of loading the url in the pinned tab.

  • @dLeon I think this sums up why the feature should exist.
    @DarkWiiPlayer said in [bug?]Saving a Session in Incognito.:

    I don't really see a point in this behaviour. Incognito mode is there to prevent the browser from storing data like cookies or browsing history, but if the user makes the decision to bookmark something or save a session, that should still be possible.
    I think incognito should be like a whitelist system: not discard everything, but discard those things it isn't explicitly told to save.

  • Missing option to edit Headers and Footers in when printing.

  • @mossman
    Maybe I have odd working mode 😉
    I use strongly Incognito on my company workstation. It's not my home computer so I really don't like to leave any cookies, private browsing history, open sessions and so on...

    Why Incognito window? Because it gives me conrol and easy way to handle all of my private data.
    I don't like to mix private and work stuff. And I don't like to wipe all of my history / cookies / etc. Only some of them.
    For me it's the way to divide my tabs into groups:

    • "I like to wipe any trace of it in the future"
    • "I don't care / I will need this"

    Why 80? It's average tab count for each my Vivaldi window xD (and that's why I love Vivaldi 😍)

    Yes, for me restart is a big problem (I just don't shut down my PC until I really have to).
    But sometimes it's urgent that I have to install some picfe of software and reboot...
    And I hate to make a mess with "bookmark all tabs"... 😠

    If there will be some kind of functionality like temporary incognito session saving to file protected with password - it could be a blessing for me...
    Or maybe it could be possible to create some kind of special session type? Like "persistent incognito"?

  • @ROTFL
    In some scenarios I also would use otion like "pull this tab from incognito mode".

    But "on my company workstations" ?? Better your boss do not know what are you doing in work hours 😃

  • @BriHecato
    My boss have nothing against browsing for private stuff.
    I just care about my security and I feel uncomfortable about leaving without control cookies wiht logged Facebook / mail / another mail / Githubs / forums / ... on not my machine

    And I don't like to move this things from incognito mode.
    Nor nuke my history
    I just like that my incognito window can survive Vivaldi (or PC) restart when I want
    Or have some kind of selective clearing private data feature that uses some kind of defined rules

    Like for example "always wipe all cookies / history entries for Facebook"

  • @ROTFL said in Feature requests for 1.7:

    I don't like to mix private and work stuff.

    Have you tried install Vivaldi as a Standalone version for your private stuff? Then you don't need to use incognito, and can save sessions, etc.

  • Please ignore/delete this post. Replied to thread, meant to reply to post

  • @JuniorSilva30 Also an option to remove the new tab button as well:

    0_1485245025977_Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.02.52 AM.png

    I never use these buttons and they take up the space of ~2 vertical tabs.

  • Auto-scroll to active vertical tab

    I'd like the browser to auto-scroll to the active tab when I change the tab by other means (eg. keyboard shortcut).

    I typically have several tabs open and prefer to use vertical tabs.

    Once there are enough tabs, the vertical tab view scrolls. So I don't see all the open tabs in one view. If I start at the first tab and press the shortcut key for 'previous tab', the last tab will be selected.

  • @Pesala Maybe it's a good idea 🙂 I didn't think about this at all 😛 Thx 😉

  • easy way to view used webpage certificate

    Now, left click on the lock icon on the left of url, show menu and another click on the "more information" go to some google info webpage (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95617?visit_id=0-636208465357721238-1920783552&p=ui_security_indicator&rd=1)

    It's not good, if you can get more information about used certificate.

  • Hello. Could you add support for Arch linux?
    It works very slow, especially when you watch movies ie. youtube.

  • (Already requested as VB-25198; putting this here so people can vote/add remarks)

    Make the 'add bookmark' popover more keyboard-friendly

    • When the bookmarking pop-over appears (because I hit Ctrl+D, or because I clicked on it), then the Name field should have keyboard focus
    • Given a field in the bookmarking pop-over has focus, I can hit <Tab> and <Shift-Tab> to cycle the focus along the fields and controls.
    • Given the Folder dropdown has focus, when I start typing the name of a folder, then that folder is selected.
    • Given the Folder dropdown has focus, when I hit <Space>, the dropdown drops down.
    • Given the Folder dropdown is dropped down, then I can choose a folder by typing or using the arrow keys.
    • For bonus points: when I type a folder name, drop down a list of matching folder names that shrinks as I type.

  • @Esteis
    While all of that normally should be split in "Feature Request" thread.
    All of that actually make sense under one package.

  • I'd like an option to remove bookmarks from the URL bar suggestions.
    I have a lot of bookmarks, and I don't want the browser to autofill them or show them at all when I'm trying to search for something.

  • @Al-Khwarizmi pretty much present in latest snapshot ^^
    Disable native mode and enable the old legacy menu bar.
    You'll get webpage title on windows title bar; OS coherence, very nice 🙂
    Probably, will be improved; however now it acts similar to the VLC player menu bar.
    In no native, with Vivaldi button on, it should be placed near back button, and no on top: it's wasted space.

  • @dLeon well, yes, but it could be a checkbox in privacy settings with: "prefer https connections when possible" 🙂

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