Feature requests for 1.7

  • There was already a 1.7 feature request thread. Is that still going to be looked at?

  • Click tab stack to cycle through stacked tabs.
    It would be nice if we could click on the tab indicator of a tab stack to cycle through the tabs in that stack.

  • APNG Support like Opera 12.17

  • Unattended / silent setup for Windows

    To install Vivaldi in an enterprise environment, an unattended setup (with custom options) is required. How about a MSI package?
    Furthermore, a possibility of pre-configuration is required.

  • Browser Toolbar & Extension Button Customization.

    Several related requests here relating to organizing the browser toolbar and extension buttons.

    1. Reorder primary toolbar buttons. For example, if I wanted the order to be BACK, FWD, HOME, RELOAD.

    2. Disable/hide unwanted toolbar buttons. For example, I have no use for the HOME button and would like to remove it.

    3. Reorder extension buttons on the right side of the toolbar.

    4. "Overflow" extension button. When a button is disabled, a small downward-facing arrow on the right edge of the toolbar to indicate that additional extension buttons are hidden. Note this differs from the "3 dots" button in 1.7 betas which hides/shows every extension.

  • Pop-up Zoom Indicator.

    I have the status bar set to "overlay", so it doesn't cover content when not in active use.

    I would like changing Page Zoom to pop-up a little zoom indicator in the bottom right, just as it looks in the status bar. This way I have some idea how zoomed-in I actually am.

  • Configurable Mouse Rocker and Wheel Gestures.

    I would like mouse rocker and wheel gestures to be configurable in Vivaldi– not hardcoded.

    I use mouse rocker gestures in Firefox, but not to go back and forward. I assign SwitchBack to "close current tab" and SwitchForward to "reopen closed tab". Lacking mouse rocker customization is the sole reason why I don't use Vivaldi as my primary browser today.

    Lower priority for me, but similarly I use mouse wheel gestures in Firefox, but I don't use them to switch tabs. I have them assigned to a javascript snippet that dynamically zooms in or out on an image I'm mouseover. So if a picture is too small on a webpage, I hover over it, hit the right mousebutton, then scroll the mouse wheel up.

    I would like this same functionality in Vivaldi.

  • Stop Auto-playing Media!

    When I go to a YouTube page, the video automatically begins to play.

    I would like a configuration setting to stop embedded HTML5 video from automatically starting to play.

  • Integrated Content Blocker.

    Apple's Safari supports integrated content blockers, which allows users to block stuff they don't want to see with essentially zero performance impact. This is far better than conventional means using addons.

  • @jplanvers said in Feature requests for 1.7:

    Several related requests here

    Please post just one feature request per post so that users can vote for each separately, as gaelle said in her initial post.

  • @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.7:

    Peer to Peer File Sharing
    A feature like Opera Unite that allows other to access a folder on my hard drive (optionally with a password) to upload or download files.

    I have been using this piece of software for ages but this projest is no longer alive 😞
    If Vivaldi could implement something similar (and so easy to use) I'd be superhappy 😛

  • In mouse gestures, make 'Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link) a separate mapping. It is currently forced together with the 'New Tab' gesture mapping.

  • Many of my Firefox tabs have no history, because they were opened with the middle mouse button from e.g. a Google search. Then the extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/back-is-close/ or https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/back-to-close/ (and even https://otter-browser.org) allow me to close such a tab by just pressing the back button on my mouse. It would be amazing to see this in Vivaldi too 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    DNS protection and encryption

    DNS protection and encryption needs to be added to Vivaldi (and all browsers) in the same way Yandex have integrated it to their browser with DNSCrypt.

    Because Vivaldi can be used as a portable install, it will be more common to use it on a computer or router that has a bad DNS.
    We also have to assume that manual setup of a preferred DNS is beyond most computer users, and that you cannot if you are a limited guest on someone else's compromised system.

    Yandex are running their own DNSCrypt DNS, but conveniently Iceland already has a well configured DNSSEC, DNSCrypt DNS.
    ns0.dnscrypt.is in Reykjavík, Iceland, DNSSEC enabled, non-logging, uncensored. Sponsored by 1984 Hosting.
    I would suggest Vivaldi partner with the local DNS and have it set as the default within Vivaldi.

    The browser can pull on-demand, the daily DNS list direct from github or the official distro site

    (Security needs to get more attention, but most users have no idea of the importance compared to funky features, I have little hope that this will get many votes, because it involves something you can't see. I only hope that the Devs read this and do what needs to be done)

    DNS attacks, poisoning and impersonation are becoming more of a problem each year, but it is being left to chance that users can protect themselves, or know that they should.

  • @dLeon nope its not Tree-style. New tabs opened from links (or etc.) are automatically attached to the current tab.

  • Zoom Text only

  • Vivaldi Translator

    When you are looking for a bookmark in the side panel, the chance to see the folder structure in which it is saved, as the old Opera.
    0_1483614985521_Immagine 001.png

  • Moderator

    Export complete user profile (settings, bookmarks, webpages in panels, themes, background pictures, notes, paswords etc.) It would also as a backup. (I do not think the synchronization feature, because not everyone wants to keep their data on servers, but a full backup of your profile).

  • Moderator

    In Tile pages concurrently scrolling of all pages in the keeping of certain keyboards etc.

  • Moderator

    Add option in Clear private data to clear Typing history in Adress bar and Search bar


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