Feature requests for 1.7

  • I miss the ability to use Statusbar for extensions and plugins like in old the Opera 12.x and Firefox now.

  • @Stardust
    This I really miss much when I work with 20+tabs.

  • Replace 'Quick Commands' interface with a more-robust command line interface that, for e.g., provides TAB and numerical completion for tabs, bookmarks, etc. in a similar manner to Vimperator or CVim.

    alt text

    Most mainstream browsers don't even offer something as worthy as Quick Commands out of the box, but I definitely think there's a lot of room for improvement. Right, now it gets in the way by appearing in the middle of the browser window, instead of at the bottom or top of the window, and it's not wide enough to display information in an easy-to-read way. There can also be a lot of scrolling involved.

  • Vimperator/CVim-like link hints:

    alt text

    Again, so much more useful/efficient than 'Spatial Navigation.'

  • @Stardust
    Isn't it the "Standalone" installation what you need?

    During the installation go to Advanced and chose Install standalone.



  • Moderator

    @Tyrmyk - Standalone is not portable.

  • Moderator

    Notifications upon various events within the browser, like eg. finished download or page notifications

    ...or received e-mails (once the e-mail client for Vivaldi is ready). These sound effects should be customizable. Opera 12 have notifications for "program startup / exit, page loaded, failure, follow link", but I never used them. I don't mind seeing them in Vivaldi though...

  • Moderator

    Confirm exit

    (I know it was suggested here already, but I'd like to extend that idea a little bit).

    I'd like to see the prompt (available as an option) to confirm closing the browser (like in Opera 12).

    Adding different, configurable scenarios for the prompt to appear could be handful, for example:

    • when there are downloads in progress (with additional option to close the browser automatically once the downloads are completed and yes, I'm aware of the Chromium's ability to complete tasks in the background);
    • when there are 2 or more tabs opened and the "Startup with" option in Settings is set to anything else than "Last Session";
    • when there is some unsaved work on any of the opened tabs (like eg. unsent form fields with user's input);

  • Moderator

    Bookmarks / Notes Separators

    Ability to separate bookmarks / notes with a single, horizontal line, just like in Opera 12.

  • Moderator

    Ability to use the "back button" on vivaldi://startpage (after entering a folder).*

    We should be able to quickly move between folders on our Speed Dial pages. Currently the only way to go to the previous folder (after entering one), is to click on a tiny button placed above the Speed Dial items. It's inconvenient.

    * By the "back button" I mean the following:

    • Go to previous page button [<] on the navigation panel;
    • Keyboard shortcuts ([← Backspace], [CTRL] + [←] or custom ones);
    • The built-in "Back" button that some mouses have;
    • Mouse gesture "History back";
    • Rocker gestures.

  • Moderator

    Ability to drag & drop bookmarks and folders into other folders on the Speed Dial page.

  • Moderator

    Follower Tab

    Once created, every link opened from within the page for which the "Follower Tab" has been created, should open in that newly created tab. This should override the target attribute in links.

    This feature is present in Opera 12 and I find it especially useful for e-mails. I hope that it will be implemented at some point, especially when the Vivaldi Mail client is finally released. 🙂

  • Moderator

    Add "Open Link" option to the context menu.

    The purpose of this would be to override the target="_blank" attribute in links, so that it would open every link using the current tab (regardless of the target attribute). It is already available on the Speed Dial page. You can also see how it works in Opera 12:

    Opera 12 Context Menu

  • Moderator

    Switch the cursor to pointer 👆 when hovering over Bookmarks

    But only when the "Open Bookmark Panel Items with Single Click" option in vivaldi://settings/bookmarks/ is checked. It'll be more intuitive...

  • Moderator

    Open Bookmarks / Notes folders with single click

    That is especially required when the "Open Bookmark Panel Items with Single Click" option in vivaldi://settings/bookmarks/ is checked. Right now the only way to open bookmarks / notes folder with single click is to aim the small triangle-shaped "expand" icon.

  • Moderator

    Make the User Interface Zoom affect context menus

    It would be handy for touch screen devices. At least increase the spacing between context menu items (as an option), just like it happens with the File Explorer context menu on Windows 10, after switching on the Tablet Mode.

  • Moderator

    Override the default Chromium blank page with a customizable one...

    ... in order to avoid flashes of white, while browsing dark themed websites. From what I've learned on the Internet it's not quite possible in Chromium, so it would be nice to have some kind of a workaround for this in Vivaldi.

    Another way to achieve that could be to delay displaying web page contents by a certain (user-specified) amount of time or until the page finishes loading. Opera 12 had such feature, though it didn't always work as expected...

  • Moderator

    Reuse already existing Private Window when opening links in private window (if there is one opened aleady).

    Something like this: 😃

    function ContextMenuClicked("Open Link in Private Window") {
    	if (PrivateWindowsOpened==0) {
    	else {
    		Select(NextPrivateWindow); //or last used private window

    You can check how it works in Opera 15+ (currently it's above 40, but I'm not keeping up with them anymore).

  • Moderator

    Lazy load tabs opened in the background (as an option)

    Sometimes it would be handy to be able to open multiple tabs in the background without loading their contents right away and thus slowing down your network and computer. This should also apply (optionally) to opening multiple links at once from the bookmarks menu.


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