How to save password (if it is not possible)

  • My bank/broker does not allow to save password:

    Is there a chance to save the password in vivaldi?
    Vivaldi saves the username and makes the username textfield yellow.

  • Moderator

    No, mostly the bank's webpage code changes the password field every request and Vivaldi cant retrieve the password because it cant detect which inputfield has to be filled with the password.

    Please use a external password manager like KeePass2 and ChromeIPass extension.

  • ...or further to Gwen-Dragon's good suggestion, IF you happen to be on Linux, you might consider KeePassX instead of KeePass2. I had used the latter for very many years back when i still used Windows, & used its Linux version once i migrated to Linux fulltime a few years ago. For me at least, KP2 never worked quite as well in Linux as it did in Windows. Recently i changed from it to KPX, which is fully integrated with Linux, & i am very pleased with it.


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