Vivaldi, a bookmarks disaster!

  • There is no logic in keeping such a high threshold for new users to Vivaldi. One thing for sure; They want to bring their favorites/bookmarks with them.

    I have checked out Vivaldi in the past, but rejected it due to lost favorites. Now Edge is here, but I am not happy with that one, and was looking for a substitute.

    That's shy I reinstalled Vivaldi last week, and I see that the problem with handling the bookmarks has not been sovled, it is still a disaster.

    First of all, importing from Edge, which is an option i Vivaldi, do not work, not here at my desk. Edge stopped storing their favorites in a folder long time ago.

    So I had to revert to a third party solution;
    Export went flawless.

    Then I vent back to Vivaldi's import menu, and choose to import from a html-file. The saved fil from the Edge-export was not found. I had to type . in the file name field in order to be able to select it for import. The import vent fine. Why? Vivaldi was looking for a file with an html extension, and the export software sved it with an htm-extension! Even though Vivaldi is looking for a web page.

    But ...

    Upon entering the Vivaldi Bookmark system, I found my newly imported bookmarks/favorites under a folder named "Importert" (Norwegian edition, you know)
    Then disaster struck.
    I can't move batches of bookmarks from this subfolder.
    When I click a bookmark it immediately activates and is opened, and the grip on it is lost.

    So here I am, fifth day and counting, still not got my precious bookmarks imported and sorted out. There are nearly to thousand of them, so manually move them one by one is not an option.

    It's a shame, to such a seemingly great browser.
    Shame because you have to be quite a nerd to fix this, and shame because the problem is years old. Shame because it makes the transition to Vivaldi unnecessary difficult and cumbersome.

    Hope you guys in the development section got this fixed as soon as possible.
    Great browser though!

    Happy new year to all Vivaldi staff, and users in this forum!

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    @Tresfjording - make sure "Open bookmark panel items with a single click" is turned off in settings, open the bookmark PANEL, multi-select, and drag your bookmarks where you wish. in the PANEL is where the smoothest and most complete suite of bookmark organizing and editing tools is found. You can basically do anything there. The bookmark panel is not the bookmark manager accessible from the start page. It's the one you get when you have the side panel turned on, and click the bookmark symbol. Also, the bookmarks bar at the top of the browser is not yet completely coded. So don't use that for moving or editing bookmarks.

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    @Tresfjording said in Vivaldi, a bookmarks disaster!:

    Shame because you have to be quite a nerd to fix this

    If anyone is not a nerd, all they have to do is ask politely, and someone will help them. If you rant, people are reluctant to spend their free time to help you. You're likely to start a flame-war instead of solving your problem, and it is your problem, not Vivaldi's. After only two years version 1.6 is doing quite well, but we all know there's a lot of improvements needed. Some are easy and will come soon, others will take a few more years yet.

    • Disable single-click to open bookmarks in Settings, Bookmarks.
    • Create a temporary folder into which to move your bookmarks
    • Shift + Click to select all of them
    • Drag and drop them to the temporary folder (the order is reversed)
    • Shift + Click to select them all again.
    • Drag and drop them to the Bookmarks Root.

    I have a feeling that it's a waste of my time, but maybe you can learn how to post in a forum? You already have 6 negative reputation points to your name. How many more do you want?

    1. Use a meaningful thread title, that is not inflammatory, e.g. Could someone help me import my bookmarks from Edge?
    2. Don't rant at all — not ever. Even if you have a justified complaint, it only muddies the waters and makes it harder for others to understand what exactly the issue is.
    3. If you want some feature to be improved, ask politely, do not make demands or overstate your case.

  • @Pesala Thanks for your explanation. This way around the problem is new to me. I'll test it sometime on the other side of new years day.

    Well, I am sorry, but I didn't mean to rant. I have, and many with me, pointed out this problem i numerous posts here in this forum, but have yet to find a workaround like this.

    I feel sorry for you're believing that your words are a waste of time here. I have been in the computer business since the mid eighties, and yes, are probably a nerd.

    Your looking down at me, is misplaced. I uttered a opinion, and I still stand with what I said.

    But, again, thanks ...

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    @Tresfjording said in Vivaldi, a bookmarks disaster!:

    Your looking down at me, is misplaced. I uttered a opinion, and I still stand with what I said.

    You did not simply "utter an opinion," you referred to it very disrespectfully as a "bookmarks disaster."

    My criticism of your unskilled attitude is justified. Your negativity prevents you from seeing really obvious solutions that already exist.

    To test the issue, I just imported my Firefox Bookmarks to Edge, and then imported the same bookmarks from Edge to Vivaldi.

    There was no need to find any third-party utility to export them. The transfer was absolutely straightforward and required no advanced knowledge at all.

    All you need to do is ask other users how to do something. If it's not currently possible, file a bug report or feature request.

    There's even an easy way to import bookmarks from a wrongly named *.htm file if you have to. Just change the file filter to . all files on the import HTML bookmarks dialogue.

    0_1483277421758_Import HTM File.png

  • @Pesala I am sorry for yesterday, I am not that kind of person.

    Today I checked your solution and headed into two problems.

    I cannot drag og copy all the selected files in one go, to a folder after Shift-click to mark them all, I was able to move just one file at the time.
    0_1483282277098_Image 394.png
    As you can see, only one file follows the cursor.
    Not even CTRL+C and then CTRL+V worked.

    Then I found out that the Export to html options would be available in Windows 10 Creators update v1703 -- which might release in March 2017. Apparently you have this option, so it might be that functions in Edge differs from country to country.
    I have now reentered the Windows Insider program, and are awaiting a more recent update to be installed.

    So being very satisfied with the Vivaldi browser I still see it as my default browser in the future.

    Hoping I have not overseen any obvious procedures.


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    • I did not need to export my bookmarks from Edge browser. Vivaldi imported them directly. No HTML was involved in the process.
    • If you disable the single-click to open bookmarks in the panel, you should be able to shift + click to select multiple bookmarks/folder in the bookmarks panel. and move them all at once.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit • Snapshot 1.7.704.3

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    @Tresfjording - You're right. Dragging does not work with multiselect. However, cut/paste does.

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    @Pesala - Multiselect-drag does not work here, even with one-click opening off. However, as I said, cut/paste, which is nearly as efficient, does work with multiselect.

    Edit - I take that back. It works, but it APPEARS while you are dragging, as though is it only dragging ONE of the bookmarks. When you let them go, however, all of them have been moved to the new location.

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    @Ayespy It works for me. I just dragged a multiple selection of bookmarks, then two folders, into Trash and back out again.

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    @Pesala - See my edit above.

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    @Ayespy What edit? It works for me with drag and drop. From the tooltip in my screen shot it may look like only 45 bookmarks in one folder will be moved, but all 52 bookmarks in two folders are moved.

    0_1483295470999_Drag Folders.png

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    @Pesala - What edit? This one: "Edit - I take that back. It works, but it APPEARS while you are dragging, as though is it only dragging ONE of the bookmarks. When you let them go, however, all of them have been moved to the new location."

  • Here's how I experience it;

    Single click in Settings\Bookmarks are disabled.

    The import function of Vivaldi seems to look for my Edge favorites in the wrong location, namely C:\Users****\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default
    MS do not use this location any longer, as far as I know. Favorites are now stored i a datafile, named spartan.edb, I think. (not sure of this)
    The result seems to be that it finds nothing.
    0_1483314781035_Image 396.png
    There is no option in my version of Edge to export favorites. Not that I can find anyhow.
    0_1483314810967_Image 397.png
    Upon selecting bookmarks using SHIFT+LEFT CLICK, then CTRL-C, then go to target folder in file explorer and right click to paste, this option is greyed out, indicating it can't be done. There is no help in CTRL+V either.

    After dragging multiple selected bookmarks into the target folder, only one bookmark is copied.
    0_1483314824316_Image 398.png

    I can't figure this out.
    One day ... maybe ... I'll be patient.


  • @Tresfjording Well, if you're extra patient and can wait for the next significant Edge update, you should find that MS has added an option to export Edge bookmarks to HTML. That should make things a whole lot easier for you.

  • @Tresfjording here we go guys, be cool, come down, no probs at all - it's just a browser.
    it's not a bookmarks desaster, but it's a mess. that's why i'm not using bookmarks but speed dial 2 and i would like to use the vivaldi one, but it's totally useless for me. i'm a opera guy since 1996 (norwegian u know) and still my no. 1 browser.
    i like vivaldi and use the browser a lot, gimme a "usable" (like opera) speed dial and vivaldi is my no 1 browser.
    . . . . and i'm patient 🤞
    btw would like to get an android vivaldi

  • I'm pretty sure that with time Vivaldi will have just as many features as Firefox or Chrome and will be just as easy to use. Many Chrome clones use the same syncing method as Chrome - with a Google account. From what I know the Vivaldi devs are building most of their features from scratch so it's bound to take some time.

  • I sympathize, I got 3 levels of nesting under imported while testing and lost my old bookmarks in FF. I think the cut+paste for multiple links/files works so you should be able reorganize without taking too long.


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